Since its invention in 2012, Google Glass has annoyed a lot of people. We have read people supposedly getting belted up for wearing Google Glass. So from Glassholes, to Nerdy Geeks this new technology has got us all thinking.  The big question is, where does this product work best? Where does it belong? All along for me it belongs in the fashion arena. For the simple reason that in fashion we all want to be photographed or interviewed.

Google Glass How It Works

When I walked in the Mayfair Hotel as a guest speaker for a social media event, I was excited to see Google Glass. I have been wanting to try this technology for ages. Glass is a glasses – mounted computer and tiny screen angled like a wing mirror. You see it by glancing to the right. It’s not designed to replace smartphones, rather the things you try and fail to do while walking and following directions, sending messages, taking photo’s.

This is why it’s perfect for the fashion world. For me it’s an impulsive technology that you can use, that will be able to show your perspective of what you see. What the naked eye sees but we take for granted.

It’s voice activated however the pair of Google Glasses did not work or respond to my voice. But this problem might be solved because it will soon respond to a blink. Once it’s on I say hello and it responds with a list of options. I say take a photo and it snaps exactly what I see. I can search news sites simply by asking it to, scrolling my finger along the frame and tapping. Why I like this technology because my hands are free. You can do the fashion kiss greeting and take a photo simultaneously which is impressive.

Ask Permission

In the fashion world they are more than happy for me to take a shot or film. I am not intruding into their personal space. This is where we are all getting a tad nervous with it. It’s the unknown invasion with Google Glass that we all hate.

This problem can be solved just by asking peoples attention before you take the shot or film. Or better still you are hands free, by miming your action intention click or film. Wait for them to respond. Thank you Google Glass. There is one big problem. I am asking with your permission can I have one.

Gracie Opulanza trying on Goggle GLass Mayfair Hotel London (4)

Photo’s by Maria Scard

Gracie Opulanza trying on Goggle GLass Mayfair Hotel London (3)