Ever wondered why the top fashion designers for women are men?  For me, it’s because they design for women in the way they want us to be seen. The two species can never ever be separated.  Maybe it’s got to do with us girls having power over men. Even men can’t help but agree, that the mystic of love for a man and a woman is always going to be emotional on every level.  Maybe that is why these three fabulous brothers called, Babak, Haman and Farhan the designers for the luxury brand called; The Emperor 1688 choose to design for both men and women. It’s that hidden unknown of creation that challenges them to do so.

The Emperor 1688  –  New Clothes

This women’s collection is as tough as Sinead is. It’s a collection that empowers any women to get on with life as she sees fit. This collection is why the next celebrity interview I am going for.  Is going to knock the socks off any man left standing or his suit.

That’s the power of fashion for me. What I wear when I am up against men in power, will make or break my interviews. When you’re the very women in the world talking about men’s fashion you have to make sure what your wear does not intimidate them. But makes the man melt just at the sight of you.

Photo’s by Maria Scard