Unless you live on the moon we have all heard of MAC make-up. Infact I am sure aliens on the moon have heard of this brand. Every fashion event I go to, every top store in the world in every city. There is a certainty for sure. That when it comes to MAC make up. There is no denying that they are if not the most powerful cosmetics label in the world.

Founded in 1984 and based in the capital of cool, New York City. The packaging has never changed, the popular items we love to wear are still available to us.

Are Mac Make Up products Worth The Money?

In their own words the cosmetic artists all say the same thing. Yes you get what you pay for in the MAC makeup world. In the world of fashion they are a brand that any make – up artist will swear by. They are a cosmetic brand you can simply trust.

Whether we try and many times I have tried to convert to other brands it seems that MAC make – up brand ends up in my bag. It just has that power.  MAC is expensive for a reason. They have a good variety of colors for everybody and they have a lot of products from foundation to shadows to lipstuff etc. They’re actually a good investment especially in the eye shadows world of performance.

Fashion Week 2014

This year I have been to many Fashion events.  From Barcelona, to London and over to Dubai. You guessed it. MAC is  there both on and off the catwalk including backstage and  both been worn by men and women.

It’s culturally been accepted as the cult of cosmetic Fashion.

Photo’s by Maria Scard