What is tambour beading? How skilled do you need to be to create these amazing handmade fabrics? Why should you order a tambour outfit for this Christmas and New Year? If you are off to a ball and are seeking a shimmering white haute couture outfit. Then tambour beading is what you need with your glass slippers.

Tambour Beading - Festive Season Dresses made in italy (2)

The History

Tambour beading is a technique developed in Europe in the late eighteenth century. A small hook (tambour hook) is used to attach the beads to the ground cloth, rather than a needle. Beading cardigans are very different to this technique. You can read about that when I teamed my beaded outfit with knee high boots.

Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma (3)

The word tambour is French for ‘drum’ and is named after the drum-shaped tensioning frame that was originally used.

Tambour Beading - Festive Season Dresses made in italy (2)

No two outfits you order will be the same. Your one-off festive garment is bespoke and created to your body shape and style.

Sabrina Panzarino Roma

Sabrina Panzarino is located in Rome Italy. I had a zoom chat regarding her history in tambour beading.

Where did you learn this line of work?

I learnt from my sister’s at age 13, then I started working in an atelier that specialised in beading and my passion grew.
How long does it take to learn this line of work?
There is no time it boils down to how much love and passion patience you have to create more you love it quicker you learn.
Tambour Beading - Festive Season Dresses made in italy (2)
What is the most difficult aspect in the preparation of your work?
The most difficult part is preparing the sample the blending together components, texture and colours to satisfy the client’s Vision which they want to transmit.
Tambour Beading Gold dress (2)
Why do you do this work?
At an early age, like many children I loved drawing and painting, being around my sister’s who worked as beaders for leading haute couture houses.
Tambour Beading
I started from an early age to apply my beading  to art using different components and textures so that every commissioned work is a work of art, this is the reason why I love my work

You can follow Sabrina on Instagram.

Made In Italy

Here in Rome Sabrina works on commissioned pieces for her clients. Nothing is limitless regarding her talent.  She is currently working on this gold festive dress just in time for Christmas.

Tambour Beading

Look at the detail that goes into the creation of this fabric. Can you imagine yourself wearing this at Christmas?

Tambour Beading

Sabrina has an eye like an eagle. Regarding the painstaking patience to turn this into a masterpiece of art. Is why her customers keep on ordering.

This is what you pay for, a handcrafted skill that you will not find at Zara let alone any fast-fashion chain.

Bespoke Made To Order

It’s been a tough year so spoil yourself. If you are needing a Christmas or a New Year dress? And you have spotted a dress you like. Just simply ask Sabrina to replicate it.


Tambour Beading Gold dress (2)

Timeless Elegance

Support made in Italy and get a one-off piece specifically made for you. So when you turn up to the dining room. Everyone at the dining table will be dazzled with envy. It’s a timeless elegance that will make you feel so beautiful.

Tambour Beading Gold dress (2)

New Years Party

2021 is a year to embrace. So invest in a gown that will last a lifetime in your wardrobe. a Tambour beading kaftan comes to mind.


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Tambour Beading - Festive Season Dresses