Whilst I was in Ubud Bali, I happened to run into one of the most interesting women I have met for a very long time. What captured me about her was the feather hair extensions she wore.

She was so super cool and stood out from the crowd. They are very robust but do take a long time to put in.

Peacock feathers Hair Extensions

You can wear them but I would recommend getting a professional to place them in your hair. Aloot of work has been taken to create them. So why skimp on the cash now.

Where to wear them is entirely up to you.

Shangri-La at The Shard Hotel

It was brilliant wearing then at the Shangri-La at The Shard Hotel

They are certainly a fashion statement that I have worn over the years. Including wearing them whilst reviewing the Rolls Royce Phantom.

I have really looked after them as I adore the whole idea.

Peacock feathers Hair Extensions

Peacock feathers Hair Extensions 2019


Peacock Feathers

If you are seeking a new way of trending hair extensions then these are certainly a fashion statement. They are pretty robust considering how they are made.

Are the practical of course not. But worth every effort in wearing them. I take them out before I go to bed.

Maria Scard Photography

Whilst staying at  Grosvenor House Apartments London by Jumeirah. 

It made perfect sense to showcase them in a very expensive penthouse. They just look and feel very empowering.

Peacock feathers Hair Extensions

They matched the colour of my hair at the time. The feathers really do the talking. I could not stop staring in the mirror at myself. I felt so niche and very cool.

If you have had a bad haircut they certainly cover a messy hairstyle.

It’s five years on and I still trend them on special occasions. I rarely see anyone wearing peacock feathers in their hair in Europe or the UK.

They are the best therapy for depression or a change of lifestyle experience.