As we are all looking forward to Christmas here in Tuscany Italy we are displaying food as part of Christmas decor. Having access to some of the best products in the world.

With 99 per cent of the world living under the toughest tier restrictions. One must be creative in recreating their own restaurant experience at home.

Master the art of food chic

Capes & Cloaks - The History angela facchini

My coat has purple silk lining

I want to inspire you to think organic Christmas and steer away from the traditional plastics often used during Christmas.

It is so much fun hunting for items that help decorate your home. It’s lockdown after all and it is a great past time event for the family too.

In the summer I opted for in-season food for my Al fresco eating.

Kitchen Interior Design

kitchen interior

First of all, dedicate an area in your kitchen for crockery festive display. I have an Italian antique to play with and it gives such an opulent festive vibe.

garden christmas decorations (3)

Keep your finding table set at all times. and add food accessories on the table.

I also make sure my drinks are on display. My own pub experience in my Villa.

Capes & Cloaks - The History angela facchini

Lucida Mansi was a powerful woman here in Lucca

Pistachio Cake

In the land where pistachio is grown in Italy makes sense to buy a pistachio cake. It’s a festive green colour and it is so rich this size easily can feed 12 people. The taste is amazing and is very niche and hard to find around the globe. This Christmas I like to do things not so traditional. I am not a fan of fruit cake or mince pies.

pistachio cake

Kitchen Food Decor

I have access to limitless amounts of olives. So I decided to place them as a feature for the festive season. It ranges from big jars to small ones and they are beautiful as a food accessory around the kitchen.


Tuscany Villa Buonvisi

They just look amazing when I am dining outdoors too. That Al Fresco dining that can only be soaked up here in Tuscany Italy.

Food Decorating - Festive Food Tips


I have access to so many persimmon trees and the colours are just gorgeous. It is an edible fruit of a number of species of trees in the genus Diospyros. They taste amazing when ripe. Top in vitamin C too.


I like to add capsicums as they are colourful too.


Chestnuts taste yummy, they look rustic and are very robust regarding rotting. I love roasting them but you can also bake them with other foods.

chestnut chestnut


Advocado is a filling and healthy snack. I like to present it with red peppercorn to give it a festive vibe. It looks lovely on a dining table too.


Pink Rose & Prosecco

Trending this year is everything pink regarding prosecco. Rose looks and tastes great too. I find it is a festive colour and drink that looks great. the pink or rose gold colour is a festive feel-good factor.

Rose Brut

Social bubbles are a must getting the light right is the key. So opt for anything luminous. To make your table look even chicer.

Rose Brut

Wine Accessories

I have access to plenty of rooms in the villa so I like to use my wine bottles are features in some of the guest rooms. This is an old kitchen oven used when farmers were occupying the estate. A nice rustic way of allowing guests to choose their own wine from Tuscany.

like a restaurant, they can choose from these locally made wines from Tuscany.

Wine Tuscany