We women at fifty are noticing we have thousands of styles, shapes and colour variations to choose from when we are seeking a massive image change. So it’s incredibly important to me that my hairstylist is able to guide me on what suits my personality and lifestyle. Choosing a new hair colour for me was all about going extreme. The trend for embracing my natural hair tone is not what I am seeking at fifty. My personality is ambitious, confident and charismatic. When it comes to hairstyle change, I am not scared of a bold statement, because I always enjoy the attention of a flamboyant fashion moment.

A new hair colour and hairstyle is better than botox. 

This age-reversing hair update knocked years off my face. I opted for copper-red and Pumpkin Spice by Wella.


Youthful Haircuts Over 50

I recently read in The Wall Street Journal, that age discrimination in 2020, is at its all-time highest. One piece of advice they pointed out. Is those edgy haircuts that make us people over 50 look more youthful, can land me a job.


An image change can also draw new male attention. It certainly did for me. Men love women with red and bold hair.

Salon Toro – Andorra La Vella

I teamed up with Salon Toro here in Andorra, a new concept situated in a luxury setting called Julia Onix! Its white and pristine interior design reflects a calm and welcoming ambience. Their super comfortable chairs made me very relaxed and able to unwind for my extreme makeover. I like the white decor as it’s important a women’s mindset is relaxed during any hair changing process. This chain is also based in Barcelona.


Powerful And Courageous Hair Colour

I am drawn to hero pieces when it comes to my hair tone. I am powerful and courageous when it comes to leading the fifty trend. My textile colour is moss green. As you can see my hair tone is always very dark. I am a fashion swagger at heart. I wanted my hair to have a certain allure to enhance my current mindset. The next stage in my life is an easygoing and impulsive hair change.


Fabulous at fifty is what I am all about. I enjoy being in the limelight and favour bright colours and nostalgic details. The current nineties revival is right up my street. I experienced that era first hand.

A problem-solving exercise with a sense of fun was what this hair colour makeover oozed.  My wardrobe is full of vintage style denim and vibrant hues. I am self-reliant on niche pieces in my well-ordered wardrobe. My logomania fashion normally dominates my hairstyle. However, I felt to go for a colour never seen on me before.


Red Hair Tips

When you hear ‘red hair colours’, what’s the first thing you think of? For many, visions of fiery, bold, show-stopping locks come to mind. Think, shades of scarlet, crimson, ruby and mahogany. However, the red hair spectrum spans so much further, offering up softer hues too, like copper, pumpkin spice and strawberry blonde.

Every autumn/winter, the trend for metallic hues makes a big comeback, with copper hair proving the most covetable shade to take a shine to. It’s the perfect balance of red and brown tones with plenty of shimmers is thrown in, and you can wear it as rich and warm or cool and almost-coral as you like.  Toro salon offers many palettes of Vibrant Reds for this look; each one giving me a pure, balanced colour, reflective shine and natural-looking depth.


Pumpkin Spice

I review luxury food so I am influenced by gourmand-inspired hair colours which are my all-time favourites, like pumpkin spice. Flecked with copper, chestnut and auburn hues.

I am very tanned as I am skiing a lot. So pumpkin spice is an indulgent as my go-to latte order and can be customized to flatter all skin tones.


The Proper Hair Cut

I am at a stage of being crafty with new beginnings. I like to be ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion and hairstyles. So to retain that first adopter status by tapping into one of spring’s biggest trends. It’s why I opted for a short classic and timeless bob. My hair is well suited to this cut. We opted for a very short bob, to give a competing edge to the over all-new look. Bobs, crops and even soft mullets are on the up for 2022. Shorter haircuts are all about adopting a new look. I was all about embracing a massive image change.

There’s no doubt that a flattering hairstyle can life one’s cheekbones and chisel a jawline faster than a shot of botox.

I opted for a bespoke touch. No one’s face is the same. So Here at Toro Salon, my haircut was adapted to my hair type and features. No one’s face is the same, therefore no two haircuts should be identical.

Adrain Ryan is a hairdresser who knew and understood my specific hair type and bone structure. He styled my hair with a classic shape and ageless proportions. 

I wanted a radical chop that gave me an updated image.


The Choppy Bob

There’s no doubt that a classic bob with sharp geometric lines is one of the classiest haircuts of all time. Face shape and age doesn’t matter. It all comes down to hair type. This current chin-grazing bob with my natural waves oozes a youthfulness and slightly rebellious edge. I have fine hair which is why Adrian Ryan incorporated balayage in two or three tones which gave thickness and illusion of texture to my limp hair.

Going brighter at fifty is more flattering than dyeing grey hair dark. Don’t be afraid to be bold.

My favourite colour is olive green. I noticed when the new colour was completed. The green in my eyes stood out more.


Three Essential Products

To maintain a look once you leave the hairdresser’s chair. Toro Salon suggested a light approach to styling.

My bob doesn’t require me to do too much. A little styling cream, to reduce frizz. Not too much of using a shampoo.

And blow-drying hair to within an inch of its life looks outdated.

Pure Volume Shampoo. Conditioner – Maria Nila Stockholm. All 100% vegan and cruelty-free products.  Do hold in the colour. A Moroccan oil colour depositing mask.


Wellness & Comfort

I always get anxious when I am about to get my hair cut and coloured. On this occasion, it was ever so much fun. The wellness message was all about trust and going with the flow. I had every confidence that Adrain Ryan had this all planned and the end result was achieved. Thanks for a brilliant outcome.