Don’t let anybody else’s bad choice determine your destiny. Since starting my blog way back in 2011. It has been the most emotional, frustrating journey of my life. Over the years I have suffered bullying in fashion.  I have had many people in fashion, let me down. Promises made to me that have never been fulfilled. This ranges from bloggers, fashion designers, PR’s, photographers and organisations representing fashion weeks. I have been asked to leave invited fashion events too, with no explanation an unfair dismissal.

I’ve had people in fashion, bad mouth me and go out of their way over the years to discredit my reputation. I’ve had a London fashion PR this year, publicly share my personal e-mail without my consent. Who cut, copied and pasted only parts of the email to humiliate me on my personal twitter.  My journey is not alone. I am sure I am not the first and it will continue to be a profession that plays by it’s own rules. I am not afraid to take them head on.

It’s actually illegal to screen shot anyone’s email  publicly and put it out on social media.

Don’t let anybody else’s bad choice determine your destiny

I am very grateful for the challenges that have occurred over the years in the fashion industry. In 2017, I am still been treated with little respect within the London, Fashion industry.  I chose to start a fashion blog. I chose to get into the thick of things. And pioneer new adventures within the fashion industry. The niche platform I have created, is why I continue to do it. I am just passionate  at what I do. No one in the fashion industry can get in the way of that. I have created such a unique niche. To this date I have used no PR’s, to get to my level, this is very rare.

Anyone needing a lesson in business within in fashion, is simple.

Don’t let anybody else’s bad choice determine your destiny!

I don’t know why the fashion industry has been so hard and cruel towards me on many occasions. I am my own creative soul. I have a lot to give and gifts to develop. No one will, unless I allow it. In succeeding in destroying my magazines and me as a person. This is a mental battle for me every week.  I encourage myself and others you have to recognize when a path is not the right one. I have learnt this in 2017.  I choose very carefully what to attend when it comes to fashion events now.

Is attending fashion weeks for me a bad choice? Is it damaging my brands self worth and reputation? Giving my time to these Fashion weeks has to be raising my profile not the other way around!

For me, it is more about raising the bar of those watching me. And working with those brands, who want to work with me.  With my ranking now I can make fashion business choices that work in my favour. By enlarging my territory, exploring new countries and pioneering new fashion events, the world is mine. Ranks Number Three Globally

I was recently sent a link from FeedSpot, who created the most comprehensive list of best Men’s Fashion blogs on the Internet. This list is refreshed once a week and these blogs are ranked based on the following criteria:

  1. Google reputation and Google search ranking
  2. Influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites
  3. Quality and Consistency of posts.
  4. Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

Top 100 Men’s Fashion Blogs Winners

 MenStyleFashion is extremely honoured to be ranking number 3 on this list and we want to congratulate all the other bloggers that have made it on here. We know how much work is involved getting there. Here is a complete list of the top 100 men’s fashion blogs –

A big thank you to all those fashion PR’s and brands over the years that continue to work with me.