At fifty I have exceptional customer relationships. With my new copper/red hair. I am experimenting with the colour mustard. I am in Tuscany which is famous for rustic buildings and earthy natural colours. At fifty for my mental health and La Dolce Vita lifestyle. No matter what has been thrown at me. I must dress up to feel good. It is who I am. It is important to understand that dressing as a woman must be all about the inner self.

mustard and red hair Tuscany

To balance feminine clothing on female bodies is becoming ever challenging thanks to Gucci and Balenciaga. More on this below. I am all about tough glamour as a woman.

mustard and red hair Tuscany

What I Am Wearing

I am wearing all preloved fashion. Clothes and boots of high quality. My dress is Jil Sanders very heavy wool. It gets cold in the villas so wool is a key aspect for staying warm and feeling comfortable. With rising gas prices thanks to Russia and Ukraine war. Investing in wool items is the key to energy saving during winter. My boots are leather made in Italy with canvas. Very niche and eye-catching. I went up a size as I liked the exaggerated toe effect.

Knee high boots Gracie Opulanza made in Tuscany

The rustic vibe is my all-time favourite in home decor too. The leather lacing is fabulous too. I teamed them with my ribbon knee-high socks which I adore they are eight years. old. At fifty, I want to stay comfortable when I walk.

Knee high boot Made In Italy


This handcrafted bag made in Siena is just stunning. The artwork can be bought and I can team the bag with the artwork. I like to team it with swimwear too.

vegan bag made in italy

I also am wearing a red necklace which my one tip is. Before you walk out the door always take an item off. On this occasion, the red necklace is not needed. What do you think?

Mustard Coat

This Spanish designer coat I wore whilst driving the Maserati. It’s timeless colour mustard. And can be worn all year round. With this war going on it is important to lift the mood with colour.

Lucca Tuscany Mustard

What A Women is Struggling With?

The whole setting is magical. I noticed last month that fashion weeks cancelled women. This Misogyny has become so entrenched in the industry that it’s important we women at fifty show that our bodies are not male. One common factor is that oversized and shroud-like designs are always on display for boutiques to buy. I have been told it’s due students are scared to death of women’s bodies at fashion school. What is going on?

Luxury brands like Gucci and Balenciaga are forcing our young ladies to dress like men. They set the fashion agenda. Look at what Kim Kardashian wore at the Prada catwalk in Milan last week. It’s a blokes world and message.

This whole gender diversity and non-binary war means there is  ferocious culture war raging around what a woman is in 2022.

I like comfort, I am larger than normal and hate anything around my buldging tummy. And tend to wear men’s clothing as jackets and blazers are made better.

Paul Smith who designs for both men and women refuses to show women’s clothes on men. Hermes and Chloe highlight, many designers prefer making clothes for men. The silhouette is straighter. In other words, we have created a lazy designer generation. Baffles me considering the machinery and skill I see here in Italy. How oppressive is Gucci right now? And us non-Gen Z women in our fifties with money are cancelled out.


Maria Grazia Chiuri is the only woman to hold a position in 70years. Has adapted reworking clothes for women. That is why Dior is now one of the top 10 biggest clothes in France. This is why mustard and strong cuts are fabulous in our fifties. You can feel and look like a lady without dressing like a man.


vintage bike tuscany

As the owner of I always have to have an open mind. But men’s clothing is for men and women’s clothing are for women. It’s about finding balance and at this stage there is none.

But for us, Italians we know how to find that balance. My photo was taken yesterday in Pietrasanta.