Whilst visiting Bangkok I went to its most famous weekend market, called the Chatuchak market. It is one of the most stimulating markets I have ever been too. Whilst scouting I came across Oomchoo, a brand that hand paints little backpacks. Today I am going to talk about this little backpack gem which I adore.

Oomchoo-Backpack Bespoke Bangkok (4)

My Bespoke Camera Bag

Whilst representing SportStyleFashion and interviewing the top riders of the world, over twenty interviews to be exact, I decided to test the backpack out. It is so cute in design but most of all the best little camera holder for these kind of events. In these events I am running up to the athletes in real time. You have to be fast, know when they are ready to engage with you. You need to have the camera ready for these interviews. Now in the past my backpack was always heavy, awkward and would get in the way.

Oomchoo - Bespoke Backpack Bangkok 2015 Gracie Opulanza

However this Oomchoo backpack looks cool and is easy to access my cards and my camera. It is great to throw it back on my pack or in my bike basket. But what this backpack did, was draw the right attention. The athletes commented about my backpack and they thought it was real sweet when I pulled out my camera for an interview. The front zip is perfect for my mobile phone to put in and out when I need to tweet. It’s a nice touch to give out your business cards as well.

The fabric and zip is robust and the hand painted images are very personal and always reminds you the effort it took for designer to paint it. I use it for my camera but you can use this little gem anyway you need too. It’s small enough to put into your travel bag.

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My Leather Sandals

Omchoo also sells sandals and I noticed that these sandals were flying off the shelf. This is my favorite colour. These sandals are perfect in the soaring heat and easy to slip on. They look good with skirts, shorts and dresses. A perfect summer break sandal.

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So if you are ever in Bangkok, make sure to visit this little brand at the Chatuchak market.