Once upon a time there were 3 sisters with the surname piigg . Penelope piigg lived on a housing estate with paper thin walls . Priya piigg lived in a former warehouse building with beams of wood and Petra piigg lived in a brick front Victorian house . The sisters had all inherited a ample chest which meant finding bras was not always easy. One day all the sisters were staying in Petra’s house because a windy Mr Wolff had tried to blow their houses down and was making threats he would make them homeless!Petra said”I know a place we can go to buy great fitting bras.” The other two said “where ?” Petra said”it’s a place on that now trendy street, church street “.Well!”said Penelope I hope I can find my fit because as you know I am a real g cup not like those girls off the Only way is Essex !

Cup Size G

I know agreed priya I am a real double d ! Petra reassured them I will take you to a place called Rosa and you will never experience fall out,overlaps or double jiggles again ! The sisters laughed out of sheer relief. The piigg sisters all set out one bright Saturday morning ,Penelope wanted a bra which was fit for a sexy night in. Priya wanted a bikini bra for her next beach holiday and Petra wanted a plain seamless bra she could wear under a t-shirt. The sisters walk in and received a warm welcome from the shop owner and as they walk in they feel as if they are  in their  bedroom because it is so cosyThe sisters are attended to individually ,there bossoms and bras are pulled about but each walks out feeling uplifted in there spirits and by their new bras ,one being worn and one in the bag.

The moral of this story fabulous friends ? If you are of ample chest and are in Hackney, 3 Stoke Newington East London, drop in to ROSA phone: 020 7254 3467

Because you will find all your ample chest needs catered for . Blessings Iris.O

Its Georgina being Pretty in Pink! www.myboudoir.co.uk

my boudoir, plussize women's bras

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my boudoir, plussize women's bras

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my boudoir, plussize women's bras

my boudoir, plussize women’s bras


my boudoir, plussize women's bras

Its Georgina being Pretty in Pink!