Most historians place the birth of opera at the end of the 16th century. An example of the first true opera was DAFNE , written in 1597 by Peri. Opera is truly a reflection of the human condition and whether the story is Shakespeare, Aesop or Hugo, it will continue to delight audiences of all ages and cultures, because on the most basic level, opera is telling the story of our lives. These vocalist are highly skilled, they practice for years and we need to give them the respect they deserve. When I hear them sing my imagination enters into a world of fantasy. I’m a big fan of romance and for me opera is all that and more. I want to embrace the romantic side of opera. I want to live the love story. If it’s just for this performance alone. For me dressing up for the Opera, is all part of getting into the role of high end fashion. Showing off all your fashion sense, style and jewels.

For me dressing in high end clothing show’s and gives the music artists and Opera the respect they deserve.

On a fashion perspective, Opera is seen to be the haute couture event of music.

So why as an audience have we lost the art of dressing up for the Opera? 

Let me inspire you to approach your opera outing with fashion opulence. So I’m going to the opera,  what shall I wear? The short answer is to DRESS UP. This is the perfect occasion to wear a  floor length gown. Your opera outfits should state class, glamour, sparkle, elegance, style and femininity.

  1. Floor length Gown – Make sure the floor length gown is at the right length. A professional will guide you. Take yours heels that you will be wearing with you.
  2. Choose your colour that suits you. Go for strong ,deep, rich colours.
  3. High heels are essential, height in these gowns give a spectacular impression. Practice walking in your heels.
  4. Lingerie – treat yourself to elegant,supportive underwear. Corsets are fabulous for a natural nip and tuck. Go for a professional lingerie fitting.
  5. Learn to walk in the gown before the event. Be super aware of your posture.
  6. Accessories – Lots of sparkle and bling. Ensure your watch is for evening wear. Long earrings, broach ,bracelet,  pearls, diamonds and a clutch bag only. Whatever you love, choose what matches your outfit.
  7. Body scrub for a whole week, use bronzing powder, so you look and sparkle with pure elegance. Go for a professional manicure and pedicure it is very essential.
  8. Hair is so important to complete your look. Head to the hairdresser, explain your gown and where you are heading.
  9. Make up, rich smokey eye effect is best. Make the lipstick do the talking.
  10. You can also rent dresses if you want to lash out on top designer labels.
  11. Research your opera so that you understand the meaning and story behind it. You will enjoy the experience much more.
  12. Head out for a posh dinner before hand, you’ve worked very hard to look this glamorous.
  13. Opera binoculars, they look very chic especially the gold ones –
helen christensen, white gown worn at opera 2012
At Vienna Opera House she wore brilliant white. The divine looking  Helena Christensen in Stephane Rolland.
rosario dawson, vienna opera house
Rosario Dawson keeps it classy in a floor-sweeping Salvatore Ferragamo dress that ticks all of the formal fashion boxes for the opera.


Camilla always is a perfect example of dressing up for the opera

camilla belle - opera gowns

She show’s the utmost respect when it comes to opera fashion

Opera 2012, what to wear gracie opulanza

Perfect make up and hair for the opera

metropolitan opera gala - cream dress

The opera is the perfect place to dress as posh as you like