There is no denying if you are dating one of the world’s most stylish and sexiest men alive, then you have got to have one powerful mind-set. SELF CONFIDENCE is key in this situation, is it not?  I’ve always insisted, to anyone listening, that confidence cannot be bought. It has to come from within,  the best thing about confidence is that it can be gained. Some people are born with an endless supply of confidence and everyone has the ability to be confident. Confidence is, if you will, a habit of sorts. You’ve just got to believe that whatever situation you are in, you are you for a reason.

Beside Every Confident Man There Is A Confident Woman

So from what little time I have had to observe Sarah, the natural beauty that she is, there are things that I have picked up on about her. The first thing I noticed and respected was Sarah Ann’s composure. David was, as expected, being harassed (even just a tiny bit by me) and I noticed that her posture gave a clear message. She understood her role in the situation, acted herself and showed that she belonged at the side of one of the most influential men in the fashion industry. Is this a good time to burn my bra and shout “Girl Power!”?

Confidence is not for sale. It is not an emotion you can hold on to.

Beside Every Stylish Man There Is A Stylish Woman

David and Sarah walked hand in hand away from the event (Aww, yay for everyday romance!). I saw this as the perfect opportunity to give my MenStyleFashion card to David. It occurred to me that there was something she might have needed to hear; beside every stylish man there is a stylish woman. She grabbed the card, smiled and said; I love that.

Sarah Ann’s Style

I loved how she wore her leather jacket! Resting over her shoulders – the floral dress also being very refreshing to see on a cold London day. Her make-up accentuated her natural beauty, and highlighted her flawless skin. To top it all off, and I’m sure push every girls jealousy level up a notch, that gorgeous long hair was casually styled to perfection. I could tell you what labels she wore, but hey, I want you to be inspired by her look – not go out and buy the exact same thing!

So, women of the world, remember that no matter who you are or aren’t dating: make sure you understand that men are not from Mars and women aren’t from Venus. We live on one planet and that means that we just need to embrace the fact that we cannot live with or without each other. A blessing and a curse sometime, I know.

David Gandy with Sarah Ann,London Collection men

Sarah Ann at London Collection:Men


I agree Sarah, change the handkerchief to a brighter colour.


I’ve got that Gracie Opulanza staring at me. Hurry up!


David Gandy with Sarah Ann,London Collection men

Do I need to say any more?