Oftentimes, when thinking about fashion accessories, trendy pieces come to mind — pieces that aren’t really worth the investment because they tend to go out of style quickly. With the current movement toward vintage pieces that reach back to the 1950s and 60s, however, you won’t have to worry about investing in pieces, as they’re classic staples which haven’t faded away since they originally became popular. Unlike other fashion era trends, which define the style of the ensemble based on their obtuseness (by colour, shape, or size), the classic vintage accessories for men that have emerged this year nicely complement a variety of style choices. Pair them with a suit, or with jeans and a t-shirt; wear them all together, or one at a time. They’re subtle but powerful in boosting the handsome factor of almost any guy.

Dapper Clothing

The trend toward classic vintage fashion is due, in large part, to the television show Mad Men. Although the current season has dipped its toe into the 1970s this season, the show’s characters originally showed up in the mid-60s. The Mad Men creators and stylists have been impeccable about staying true to the fashion and decor of that era. Mad Men-style has spread like wildfire, proving that the chic style is still relevant on the streets today. The Banana Republic has even successfully launched its own Mad Men-inspired line of clothing. The result: dapper clothing and accessories that skate along the line between business and pleasure.


Today, we’re rarely without our mobile phones or computers, negating the need for watches almost. Watches are the place where style meets function, providing both the time and a boost to any man’s wardrobe. When choosing a classic vintage watch, look for simplicity. This piece by Timex stays true to the vintage vibe with a leather wristband and timeless face.

Omega vintage watch for men

Hip Flask

Whether you’re going out for the night or heading out of town, a flask is a gentlemanly accessory that great male leads always seemed to have on hand in films of the 50s and 60s. Red Envelope’s leather-bound flask can be monogrammed with your initials. The level markers imprinted into the leather keep things humorous, with a marking labelled “damn fool” for a completely full flask.

Flask leather for men vintage


Look at photos of 1950s movie stars, and you’ll likely see sunglasses that look very much the same as what’s in style currently. The tortoiseshell accent on these Ray Bans gives the impression that you’re about to drive into old Hollywood with the top down on your convertible.

vintage ray band for men


Every man needs a good pair of dress shoes, and while the styles don’t vary greatly and haven’t changed that much over the years, the devil is in the detail. Classic vintage-style oxfords, like these by Fratelli Borgioli these Italian made brogues have the sleek, angular quality of manliness. Avoid anything too rounded or bulbous in the toe, and stick with shoes that elongate the leg.



The fedora is a must-have for any man’s closet, whether or not he’s playing with vintage fashion. Goorin Brothers is one of the best small-scale designers for vintage hats, and their Stetson hats are no exception. Like all of these pieces, the fedora adds just a touch of class to everything from shorts and t-shirt ensemble to a tuxedo.

Fedora hat MenStyleFashion