When something is described as being bastardized, it means that it has undergone significant alterations that have caused it to no longer accurately reflect the original values and qualities it was meant to embody. Valuing your passion and quantifying your financial worth can be challenging. It’s important to consider how to prevent undervaluing yourself and your talents. I created a platform called MenStyleFashion. I grew it from pure passion, innovation and hard work. I had to convince luxury car brands of my online worth over the years.

I have worked with Rolls Royce, Bentley and Ferrari over the years.

Why do fashion brands and PRs try and bastardize my worth?

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Gracie Opulanza Bentley GT Continental Soft Toper gucci Hermes Scarf silk speed queen

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Fashion Marketing  Is All About Bastardized Financial Worth

The fashion industry often operates with a mindset that devalues the skill and expertise involved. It is common for individuals and companies within the industry to seek out free resources and services. Designers often struggle to receive recognition and financial compensation for their work, while bloggers frequently aim to secure free products without offering anything in return. Fashion brands also attempt to enlist the help of SEO companies to promote their brands at no cost.

I have been blogging for over ten years, and I still get PRs, and fashion brands bastardizing my talent, work and efforts. They simply don’t value my gifts.

They don’t want to pay.

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PRs Want Everything For Nothing

In the fashion industry, some of the biggest culprits are the PR representatives who work with fashion designers. These professionals are hired to promote products through social media and online magazines. However, their expertise lies in securing free placements on various platforms, regardless of the online magazine’s low Google ranking.

In the world of collaboration, there are some individuals who lack integrity. They are known for distorting the original work of others and show no remorse for doing so. These individuals often claim to have no budget, but the truth is they are simply withholding payment from the hardworking designers. It is frustrating to receive numerous requests from public relations representatives who are trying to exploit my value by seeking free content for their platforms. Most of the time, they simply send out generic press releases to anyone and everyone, which proves to be ineffective unless the content is rewritten and made original. It is important to note that well-educated fashion PR professionals understand the value of paying for content marketing.

I have reviewed manyWhotel across the globe.

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Working with Whotel Amsterdam


AI Writers

Hollywood scriptwriters are currently protesting due to their concerns about the impact of AI on their work. They believe that their authentic talent and writing skills are not being valued by filmmakers, who are reluctant to compensate them properly. In 2023, AI software has emerged as a highly disruptive tool for writers, revolutionizing the process of generating original content quickly. As the owner of several online magazines, I have witnessed firsthand how this tool has become a game changer, particularly in terms of enhancing writing efficiency and satisfying Google rankings. Not many women have the confidence to drive a supercar like a Mclaren.

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Working with McLaren

Payment Means Quantifying One’s Talent

During London Fashion Week, it is not uncommon to observe numerous aspiring fashion designers from universities working as interns for fashion labels. While these positions are often referred to as “work experience,” the reality is that these individuals are often treated poorly and expected to work long hours with little compensation. Travel expenses and meals are rarely covered, reflecting the industry’s mindset towards interns. Unfortunately, this situation can have a detrimental impact on the self-worth and motivation of young individuals, particularly when they are subjected to such degrading treatment in an industry like fashion.

Fashion designers, models, and photographers often struggle with confidence.

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Working with Pretty Green Interviewing Actor Sir John Hurst

Choose Your PR Wisely

Marketing oneself can be a challenging task. Many individuals, including myself, have likely missed out on numerous opportunities due to not having a dedicated public relations (PR) professional. It is crucial to conduct thorough research when choosing a PR representative to ensure that they effectively promote your skills without distorting them. Moreover, it is recommended to ask for testimonies from previous clients that you can contact to verify the PR’s ability to secure paying clients who recognize the value of your social media expertise and talents.

It is important for experienced individuals to distance themselves from clients or individuals who do not compensate them for their services. It is crucial to stand firm in valuing your skills and time, and not allow anyone to persuade you that they are unable to afford payment.

Aston Martin values my creative marketing for women.

Benheart mustard leather jacket made in Italy

Working with Aston Martin

Hospitality bastardized Mindset

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, a noticeable absence was observed in the hospitality industry as waiters, chefs, cooks, and cleaners did not return to their positions. This can be attributed to various factors, including low wages and the devaluation of their skillsets. Unfortunately, the prevalence of greed and inflation in today’s economy has resulted in inadequate compensation for these workers. It is worth noting that Italy lacks a minimum wage policy, and many individuals in these professions have experienced stagnant pay since the 1980s. Additionally, the Italian government’s attempt to compete with China on price has negatively impacted artisans, builders, and the fashion industry, further exacerbating the situation.

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Working with Melia Hotel Group

Made In Italy Has Been Bastardized

It is unfortunate that the brand MADE IN ITALY has experienced a tragic situation due to the Italian government’s decision to allow 50% of their products to be completed in China. This has resulted in a quarter of Chinese factories in Prato, Italy, producing goods for the brand. Once these products are 50% complete, they are shipped to underpaid workers in China, where they are finished with low-quality cotton, zips, and hardware. This decision by the Italian government has devalued the skills and expertise of Italian artisans, undermining their power in the fashion industry.

In 2023, the morale of young Italians is low due to inadequate pay and lack of recognition for their talents. As a result, many have chosen to leave Italy in search of better opportunities and fairer compensation elsewhere. This trend has contributed to the rapid depopulation of Italy, highlighting the urgent need for the government to address issues related to basic wages and pension regulations.

My leather red packback Made In Italy, paid the designer directly because I value the work.

Lexus-LC500-V8-MenStyleFashion-2019-review-Satinred-3 Red leather backpack made in Italy Gracie Opulanza

Harry Styles Concert Italy

Last week, I observed a distressing conversation involving a prominent fashion designer and their public relations representative. The PR person showed a lack of respect for the designer’s value and work, treating them unprofessionally. To make matters worse, they did not provide any financial assistance for travel or accommodations. As a result, it was not surprising that many seamstresses and tailors withdrew from the project at the last minute. One contributing factor was the exorbitant increase in hotel prices due to a concurrent Harry Styles concert. The organizers of the concert prioritized their profits over supporting the fashion costume designers. This mindset of disrespect and exploitation led to the departure of numerous skilled workers who were dissatisfied with the low wages. In contrast, youth in Northern Italy receive higher pay, making it unappealing for them to work for only 7 euros per hour, especially when they have to cover their own expenses. Once again, this deplorable treatment perpetuates the negative reputation of the fashion industry thanks to the PR representatives and organizers. This demeaning mindset severely limits opportunities for young people.

The PRs and organisers pocket the big bucks and profits.

Is It Worth It?

When contemplating the idea of working without pay, it is important to consider the underlying reasons. It is also crucial to reflect on the long-term benefits that gaining experience in public relations or fashion branding can have on your portfolio. Additionally, it is necessary to evaluate whether your skill set is being undervalued, as this could potentially hinder your ability to receive fair financial compensation for your hard work.

In my industry, it is common for luxury brands to undervalue and make me feel unwelcome if they refuse to compensate me adequately. They often try to convince me that I should be grateful for the chance to drive their luxury cars, stay in their hotels, or wear their brands. However, I have learned to recognize the value of my experience and carefully select the work opportunities that align with my worth.

Don’t let anyone bastardize your skills, mindset let alone your passion.

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