Stepping into the lush, vibrantly lit foyer of the charity event, my heels clicking assertively against the marble floor, I felt a buzz of excitement. My love for the opulent and the luxurious wasn’t just limited to my wardrobe choices; it extended to every aspect of my lifestyle, including the exhilarating world of interviews. Little did I know that my next interviewee would be none other than Emily Maitlis, the BBC presenter whose reputation for incisive interviews preceded her.

This was not just another interview; it was an opportunity to chat with a woman who had sat across from the likes of Prince Andrew, making headlines worldwide. To say I was intimidated would be an understatement.

Years ago, I found myself in a situation that many might describe as a mix of sheer luck and perhaps, a sprinkle of audacity. As someone who leaps at opportunities, especially when they align with my passions for fashion and societal discussions, interviewing Emily Maitlis at a charity event was a chance I couldn’t pass up. With no formal training in journalism or interviewing, my approach has always been unorthodox, relying on intuition, a love for conversation, and, let’s be honest, a penchant for diving into topics with the gusto of a child in a candy store.

Emily Maitlis - BBC PRESENTER

Emily Maitlis – BBC PRESENTER

The Bob

Emily Maitlis, with her impeccably styled bob and a presence that commands attention, is an icon in journalism. She’s known for her fearless interviews and an ability to make even the most composed interviewee sweat under the studio lights. Remember the scoop on her infamous interview with Prince Andrew? That was Emily at her best, showcasing the power of holding one’s ground, a quality I admire and somewhat fear.

So there I was, standing before her, microphone in hand, heart pounding in my chest. The challenge? Interviewing a woman who interviews for a living. It felt akin to stepping into the ring with a heavyweight champion with nothing but enthusiasm to my name. But wasn’t it also thrilling? Absolutely.

Our conversation began, and immediately, I sensed the shift in the air. Emily, known for her directness and efficiency, had little time for pleasantries. It’s understandable, really. When you’re a woman of her stature, every second counts. Yet, here I was, asking her about her preferences in men’s fashion. Yes, you heard that right. Of all the things to inquire about, my curiosity about how she likes men to dress seemed to throw her off momentarily. Her response was guarded, almost as if I had ventured into personal territory uninvited.

Emily Maitlis - BBC Presenter Interview

MenStyleFashion Questions

But let’s backtrack for a moment. Why men’s fashion, you ask? Well, in a world where every detail is scrutinized, from the cut of a suit to the color of a tie, fashion is not just fabric; it’s a statement, a form of non-verbal communication that intrigues me to no end. And Emily, with her keen eye for detail and understanding of public perception, would undoubtedly have an opinion worth hearing.

As the interview progressed, my initial trepidation gave way to a burgeoning confidence. I realized that the essence of a great interview doesn’t lie in the questions asked but in the authenticity of the interaction. It was not about being unyielding or rude but about being genuine, engaging, and yes, a bit bold. It’s akin to navigating a dance, one where each step, each question, and each reply builds towards a moment of connection.

And then, the breakthrough happened. Amidst our discussion on double denim and the sartorial choices of men, Emily’s demeanor shifted. It was as if the topic, light-hearted yet genuine, allowed her to step away from the weight of her professional persona. She laughed, shared insights, and for a moment, the interviewer became the interviewee, offering a glimpse into her thoughts on fashion and beyond.

Fashion Much Like Interviews Is An Art Form

Reflecting on that day, the experience taught me invaluable lessons. The first being that intimidation is but a barrier we construct in our minds. Emily Maitlis, with all her brilliance and sharp wit, is also incredibly human. The second lesson? Fashion, much like interviews, is an art form. It’s a way of expressing oneself, of telling a story without uttering a single word. And lastly, never underestimate the power of stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s in those moments of vulnerability and boldness that the most memorable conversations are born.

Emily Maitlis - BBC Presenter Interview

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Interviewing Emily Maitlis was a defining moment in my journey, one that I look back on with fondness and a bit of amusement. From the opulent setting of the charity event to the unexpected dive into men’s fashion, it was an encounter that epitomized the essence of what I love about interviews. They’re not just exchanges of information; they’re opportunities to connect, to understand, and to share moments of genuine human interaction.

So, to those who find themselves facing intimidating opportunities, I say this: Embrace them. Whether it’s interviewing a formidable journalist, stepping into a new role, or simply engaging in a conversation that pushes you out of your comfort zone, there’s beauty in the challenge. And who knows? You might just end up having a laugh over double denim.