Poker is something I know nothing about and when it comes to gambling, I just don’t have the risk factor let alone the nerve power to do it. It has been many years since I have entered the world of gambling. To be honest I have only ever seen the aftermath of people losing lots of money. I had the pleasure of meeting professional poker player, Jan Heitmann.

You know me, I am always thinking for MenStyleFashion. Now this intriguing mathematical sport is one that has caught my attention for many reasons. It may not be a physical battle but it’s a job that will test the brightest of minds for many hours. For me I will call it the mental endurance game. One that is not for the majority of men and one that women as little as 10 percent embrace the sport.
Whilst interviewing Jan, I was curious to hear why so little woman don’t embrace poker playing? Jan explains his reasons why it’s time us women give those male poker players a run for their money.