Shelle Your Fears: Luxury Leather Handbags with a Difference

The eternal question running through every woman’s mind: practicality, or style? Fashion, or comfort? Forget about global warming and the economic crisis, this is a serious issue – especially when it comes to something like a handbag, which for most women is a crucial accessory to any outfit. Unfortunately for us, the majority of handbags on the market today are either incredibly over the top fashion statements that offer little practicality, or giant sack-like beasts that carry everything you could possibly need for an overseas getaway.

Like most women, I am always on the lookout for the ‘next big thing’ that will add a bit of flair to my wardrobe. Recently, however, I have it has become something of a mission for me to find a handbag that not only looks good, but is practical at the same time. Not much of a mission, right? WRONG! Especially since I decided to focus on designer leather bags… Designer because I wanted something special that would make any outfit look good (no mean feat when it comes to my wardrobe!), and leather because I wanted something both durable and timeless to last the seasons.

My search began with some of the better-known brands such as Smythson, Jimmy Choo, and Gucci. I loved the elegant designs and the way they seemed just to radiate high fashion; though I knew that they wouldn’t offer the kind of practicality and ‘unique look’ that I was after. I then came across the up-and-coming brand Rosalina Nacken, whose ‘Shelle’ bag seemed to incorporate everything I was looking for in my search for luxury leather handbags for women.

Bags Need To Fit Your Lifestyle

It has the same luxurious and sophisticated ‘glam’ as the other high-fashion brands, but also caters for multi-tasking women such as myself with its ability to be transformed into a chic evening clutch. I love the modern twist it puts on such a classic design; the inside of the bag has a separate tablet case, and having just had my tablet screen fixed after it cracked in my bag, this seemed to be the answer to my prayers! With enough room to house all my essentials (but not so much that they are ‘swimming’, so to speak), it seems I have finally found the bag that balanced functionality and fashion – without one being sacrificed.

So if you, like me, are constantly on the lookout for accessories that will add style and poise to your wardrobe, don’t forget to keep in mind that they need fit into your lifestyle. Rosalina Nacken’s ‘Shelle’ collection does just this; I have been struggling for so long to find a luxury leather handbag that has both elements of the classic handbag design (plus a little extra ‘something’ to make it unique) – the fact that it will make my life easier is an added bonus. Finally, a designer that has found the perfect balance between fashion and function!