Delvaux handbags made in Belgium


Handbags on average cost £250. Any women will buy at least two handbags a year. But if you have never bought an opulent handbag, then this is the one for you. To mark its 50th anniversary, Delvaux created the traditional brilliant bag into 10 different designs.

Whilst walking the streets of beautiful Antwerp, I noticed the Delvaux store and in a simple window display there was my dream  bag. I entered the store and the gorgeous boutique assistant called Jill allowed me to get a closer look at the limited edition handbag called La Tradtion. For me there was nothing traditional about this excellent crafted handbag I was holding. Taking a close up of this bag the design was fantastic in every way. I could see where they got their leather design inspiration from, the classic British lounge.

I could not believe that this concept could look so brilliant as it did. The quality craftsmanship was perfect and it felt every inch of handbag opulence. When I picked it up the sheer experience of this bag was so beautiful and surprisingly, it was very heavy to hold. This bag stated quality on every level and for €10,000 it certainly lives up to the 180 year old Delvaux reputation.

When I looked at myself in the mirror holding the handbag, it was a perfect example of a beautifully crafted handbag that represents true haute couture. Delvaux has grasped that individually handmade handbags in limited numbers, in reality is a work of art.

Delvaux, Luxury houses are the link between artists and those looking for something unique and for this reason alone this handbag, La tradition represents what opulent fashion is all about.

Delvaux Antwerp limited edition la tradition

Delvaux Antwerp limited edition,la tradition