Let’s turn back the clock, this former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was entrepreneurial from the onset. The reason I say that is that it started already when she captured the attention of David Beckham. Who would have thought that a Beckham empire was forming? That’s the beauty of couples and marriage. The power behind it and if chosen right it can enhance each other’s talents, goals and passions. Victoria understood that being a Spice Girl was not going to last forever. She also had to understand what spoke to her heart and what she knew through thick and thin, tears and challenges. That nothing will ever get in the way of passion and your destiny.

Passion Versus Destiny

In all of my interviews of people achieving the impossible. The common answer when asked. How to do you do the same thing every day? What sacrifices or cost have you made? The answers are all the same. Any man or women at the top of their game will answer confidently. It’s never a sacrifice it’s who I am, it’s what I was born to do. Nothing can ever stop someone’s passion for what THEY are doing. No one can explain it. We all just do it. No matter what gets thrown at us.

Beckhams Empire Worth

If you ever want to know what any company is worth then just check out Companies House documents. I don’t think either of the Beckham’s ever thought that together the Beckham’ business empire would make almost £100,000 a day. Wisely so, Never bound yourself to just one company managing your funds. You need to always have accountability at every level. So the three companies which handle the couple’s business empire.  have recorded, their combined turnover is more than £35 million a year. Everyone has a chance in life no matter who they are to follow their passions, dreams. But it’s understanding what you are good at that makes the difference between failure and success.

How Do You Know What You’re Good At

These two from the moment they meet each other would have been attracted to each other by what they already had achieved as an individual. Their obsession with what they loved was shown right from the beginning.  As they grew in their love and career so did their passion for fashion. This is one of the reasons they are a couple not to be messed about with regarding fashion innovation. This is how you know what you’re destined to do. Stick to what you think of every single day, understand what you are good at and build around that. For me I connect with anyone, that’s my strength, hence why I interview. People drive me, they give me energy and I value anyone that pursues and takes a risk and ends up achieving what they set out to do. I love to hear their stories. If you don’t understand the value and how fragile life can be. Then go and talk to someone on their death bed. That will get you motivated for sure. Never live a life of regret. Regret is a destructive energy. Take the risk, work hard and go for it.

Beckham’s Go It Alone

I wrote an article just one hour after David Beckham retired from football, simply encouraging him to go it alone? I also spoke about why? So this news for me makes perfect sense. It was always going to happen but it was all about timing. A lot of businesses go under simply because of timing. Victoria Beckham announced that her collections of clothing and handbags will be more accessible than ever. What better location to have chosen than Dover Street Mayfair, the centre of London’s fashion district.

For me, this is only the beginning. Because mark my words there will be a male section in there, it’s only a matter of timing. These two are a fashion powerhouse, a family legacy that will linger on for as long as they believe and know-how.

Finally, the top labels of the world are now encountering a new luxury label, for me called: Beckham’s Empire of Fashion

David & Victoria Beckham - Fashion Empire Dover Street London 

David & Victoria Beckham - Fashion Empire Dover Street London 

David & Victoria Beckham - Fashion Empire Dover Street London