Tesla Motors

For me, each day brings about new challenges and impulsive opportunities. So when my friend showed me his new electric toy, a Tesla Model S, I could not believe my eyes. It is 2014 and this new technology is impressive because it is not anything I have ever seen

So for me, it’s all about the way a car looks and I was instantly impressed with this sports edition. I was impressed with all the electrical gadgets that this car displays and this is the reason I had such a blast. So here is a quick little teaser on why I think I may opt for electricity for my next car.

It is 2021. I have reviewed all the Tesla‘s and don’t own anything electric yet.

Navigation Screen

If it was not for the invention of a GPS I would be permanently lost. Unless you are blind this is the biggest on your face screen I have ever seen in a car but one I absolutely adore. Now as you can appreciate it is my friend’s new car so I did not get a chance to feel its power but in his own words. This car sparks all the right buttons when it comes to pulling power. Another benefit is that you can use this screen to access the internet.

This was amazing to be able to experience there is no other car on the market where I can use the internet. The software is clunky but I am sure over the next few years this Tesla brand will expand. Will electric cars be the car of the future and force other brands like Audi and Jaguar to go all-electric?

Tesla-Motor-Electric-Model-S-2 Tesla-Motor-Electric-Model-S-O.P.I.-Nail-polish

The Door Handle.

The door handles are completely hidden and only come out when you get close to the door. Watch my nails in action at the video below. To be able to use touch screens to open and close doors and get access to charging stations is very impressive and got me thinking about how hard mainstream cars can be without tech.

Handy Space for a Picnic Box

Watch as I look for the engine under the hood but only find some handy space for a picnic box. Handy space also to bring more shoes on your travels. 🙂

Anxiety Range

At the time of reviewing this car in Holand in 2014, the biggest challenge is finding charging stations to be able to go around Holland let alone Europe. In fact, it can’t be driven out of the Netherlands as this technology needs to advance. There are hardly any charging stations around to go long distances.