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DJ – The Fashion Trend Setters

Whether it’s Chanel´s progressive pounds or an ´impromptu ‘live performance by Annie Lennox, nothing sets the tone of a fashion show quite like the soundtrack. Just like the goodie bags, the VIP´s and fundamentally, the collection itself, a designer’s runway music is flawlessly composed to best convey that season’s message. Much like the clothing, sounds technicalities can continue to change right up until the moment before the first model hits the runway. Even though each designer’s playlist runs the spectrum from ’60’s rock to acoustic indie labels, we can always expect a some recognised faces behind the set or on the actual catwalk during Fashion Week celebrations. New York...

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Orange – Bold And Fearless

Orange may not be the only fruit, but as a bold and fearless colour it is the only accessory you need. Thanks to Pantone´s new colour chart, this tangerine tone is now one of the brightest aspects for any seasonal fashion lover’s wardrobe. With the eminently awaited spring season just around the corner, thoughts turn to ´days getting longer and colours stronger´ with their warm breezes and high levels of energy that precede winter. Heavy, fixed fabrics make way for lightweight textiles and flowing silhouettes which help to add a new seasonal liveliness to any wardrobe. Sizzling In Seafolly Industry gods and creators of colour, Pantone,...

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Inspirational Fashion – Films Sets Trends

Inspiration in fashion comes from anywhere and everywhere. As Coco Chanel once said “Fashion is not simply a matter of clothes. Fashion is in the air, born upon the wind. One intuits it. It is in the sky and on the road.” As well as referencing the fine art world, fashion designers have often been known to look to film for inspiration. From associated prints and branding to screen shots and screen prints, the correlation between film and fashion has never been stronger. As of more recent, Bobby Abley channelled his solo spring 2015 collection in London with Ursula...

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Goodbye And Blog Off – The Ultimate Decline Of The Fashion Blogger

Goodbye And Blog Off: The Ultimate Decline Of The Fashion Blogger It’s rare, if not impossible, to visit a style blog in 2015 without scrolling through some native advertising. The phrase itself — which is interchangeable with “branded content” or “sponsored content,” although some will argue that there’s a difference between those three terms — means a lot of things to a lot of people. That’s because, while fashion has been slow to adapt digitally in so many ways, it was one of the first group of marketers to embrace native advertising. When fashion bloggers emerged in the mid-2000s...

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Barcelona Fashion Week – Women’s Top Designers

Barcelona Fashion Week – Women Collection The start of February saw the 15th edition of Barcelona Fashion Week. 080 is now in its seventh consecutive year, and continues to go from strength to strength. As well as a bastion for established and recognised talents, it is also a sartorial hot bed for new ones, both within 080 and MODAFAD. Taking pride of place at the foot of ´Las Ramblas´ in the refurbished Museo Maritimo, this recent installation acted as a flagship for fashion talent in Catalunya. Here are some of my favourite collections as I sailed through four days...

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Avant Garde – Who Are The Antwerp Six Top Designers?

Who Are The Antwerp Six Top Designers? The Antwerp Six is a group of influential avant-garde fashion designers that graduated from the Antwerp´s Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the eighties. At the academy they were taught by Linda Loppa. The fashion collective presented a distinct radical vision for fashion during the 1980’s that established Antwerp as a notable location for fashion design. The breakthrough occurred in 1988 as the group rented a truck and set out for the London fashion fair with their collections and have put this city on the fashion map ever since. After that they all...

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Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014 – Three Names To Watch

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014: Three Names To Watch From the romantic to futuristic (with little black numbers thrown in), there was a lot going on in Amsterdam Fashion Week. These are my selections for the top three designers to grace the runway. Bastian Visc Bastian produced a collection that was influenced by different countries and cultures. The prints were loud, proud and exciting. There was a lot happening in the Dutch designer´s fairy tale inspired presentation, which won him the Lichting 2014 Award, a competition for designers aimed at exclusively hunting out the young, fresh talents from the Netherlands....

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Lottie Moss – Don’t Do What Your Big Sister Does

Guy Candy: A Brand New Familiar Face Here I present a feature about the latest ´up and coming model´ on the London scene that could easily roll out a dozen fashion orientated puns about ´shoes to fill´ and ´ beauty being in the genes´. Lottie Moss, the half-sister to the most famous model in the world, Kate, has just been taken on by London super agency Storm Model Management (who also represent Kate Moss and a certain Cara Delevingne). With her doe eyes, high cheek bones and pale slender frame, Lottie who has just turned 16 was welcomed onto...

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