Getting your wedding jewellery spot on – top tips

Do not let the pressure to look beautiful on your wedding day bog you down. Shopping for wedding jewellery is not the least daunting if you have the right guide for you. So here we are, to help you accessorize that precious wedding gown, in the right way to make you look irresistible while you walk down the aisle.

Match you metals

Wedding dresses are conventionally white, but wait, even white has its shades. Decoding the shade of white will help you choose the metal for your wedding jewellery. For a startling white gown it is always better to avoid gold, this will just clash with the white and make things look too cluttered rather than elegant. It is best to stick to pearl and platinum. Gold is best suited for shades of ivory that mostly have yellow undertones.

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Necklace and neckline

Pairing your neckpiece with the neckline is a very important job. Every neckline demands a different style of neckpiece. The right neckpiece will accentuate your wedding gown and add character to it. One can get a wide range of neckpieces for every type of neckline from vintage to the uber-modern.

V-neck- a thin chain with a simple yet gorgeous pendant that falls right into the plunge created by the v-neck is an ideal choice. At Angelic Diamonds, you can find crystal chokers with matching pair of earrings that can further accentuate the vintage neckline.

Sweetheart- this is the most popular neckline when it comes to wedding gowns. For something a little daring completely ignore the necklace and focus on the earrings. Choose from the wide range of chandelier earrings to add a charm to your wedding gown. You can even try to match the colours of your corsage or bridal bouquet. You can even opt for a bracelet to go with your gown on your wedding day.

Halter or reverse halter- these are more daring and modern options, so you must choose jewellery which will not sharply contradict the character of your gown. Accessorizing your hair is a great way to complement this neckline, so feel free to experiment with hair bands or hairpins that will add a sparkle to your hair-do.

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Do not forget the basics

When in doubt, always stick to the basics instead of experimenting. A pair of diamond drop earrings or a range of basic pearl earrings from the wedding jewellery collection can never go wrong.  Pair those up with a sophisticated necklace or choker that will complement the hue of your gown. The most important principle that you should never forget is, let your jewelleries say who you are. They should be a reflection of your personality. Ultimately it is your  decision if you will choose studs over teardrop earrings or a pendant over a choker. If you are comfortable in your jewellery, you are bound to dazzle on your wedding day.

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