Over the last three years I have been working very hard in building MenStyleFashion.com How have I gained experience in Social Media Marketing? Why have I chosen to represent menswear? And after three years, why is Spain wanting to know the key factors of building a brand from nothing to what it is today? Last week I was speaking at the SportsMatch conference in Madrid about my story in how to use social media to your maximum advantage. My speech was called Zero to Hero and was along the lines of this story published by Hellen Raine.

What I chose to wear was very important for my first entrance in to Spain on a business level. I had to come in eccentric and strong. I had to represent my Italian roots because in Spain there are a lot of well dressed people. The conference was called SportMatch with the strap line high energy business. So I decided to mix up the style, and who better to collaborate with, than one of Madrid’s top designers, Maya Hansen.

When I started Gracie Opulanza back in 2012, Maya Hansen was one of the first few fashion designers I talked about. Maya Hansen became a corsétière in 2006. Maya was born in Madrid in 1978, from an Argentinean father and Danish mother. His full name is Maya Carbajal Alex-Hansen. When I mentioned Maya to people in Madrid, the response is the same every single time. We love Maya Hansen. When I walked into the conference, the reaction was fantastic. This Italian Australian has arrived in Spain and I did not talk about women’s fashion at all.

This is my first ever conference and ironically it was in Spain. I wanted to make a strong impact in Madrid regarding what I chose to wear. Hola Spain, I am here and I am wearing Maya Hansen. I have not met Maya Hansen yet. When trying to meet up all these last months, we just kept missing each other. But Maya obviously understands my personal style. You see, that is the key to a creative soul such as Maya Hansen. You need to understand your target market and your clients. I had no idea what Maya was going to give me and it was truly exciting to see the gorgeous pink package sitting there waiting for me at my hotel.

Maya Hansen Spain Madrid Gracie Opulanza (2)

Fashion Makes It Exciting

With such a flooded market for designers, it is hard to get their name out there. And who you choose to work with can make all the difference. That goes with me. I had no idea what I would wear to my first conference about high energy business. I wanted to look like a business woman but I also did not want to lose the art of who I am. When seeing the dress, I just giggled and was so excited. I could not believe that Maya understood my personality.

Gracie Opulanza - Maya Hansen Dress 2014 Madrid Spain (2)

2015 Women Want To Be Free

I will tear a suit, let alone a dress, apart if it is too tight. I will trip over anything and everything in high heels, so it was important that I remained comfortable, hence my Ash trainers. Because the bigger challenge was me trying to do the conference in Spanish. Thank you Maya and also all the Spanish that made me feel welcome. This is just the beginning of much more to come within Spain. Social Media Marketing in Spain is important and one that I am excited to be part of. It is important for me to wear designers I adore. Maya Hansen has a fantastic collection; one you must have in your wardrobe.


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