Maya Hansen became a corsétière in 2006. Born in Madrid in 1978, from Argentinean father and Danish mother, Maya Carbajal Alex-Hansen. The corset were first widely worn during the 16th century. In her new collection Maya Hansen not only focuses on corsets, she also experimented with other garments, such as dresses, blazers and capelines. She shows that the corset can be combined with skirt, jackets or can be the body of a dress.

Her mixing and usage of antique patterns and fabrics from other centuries have created elegant gowns but still maintaining her signature items throughout all her collection.

Why Do We Need To Learn To Wear Corsets

Who needs to do 200 sit ups a day when you can lace yourself into a corset, that will give you a striking shape no exercise regime can accomplish. It feels and looks amazing and corsets are certainly a trend to embrace more so than ever.


Fabulous colour


Gorgeous gown




How modern and edgy is this?


very rock chic


Bring on the stage