adele wearing jacket, plus size

Victoria Beckham Collection

Once again Victoria Beckham has created a wearable collection. Her appealing choice of colour, stretchy materials and designs are so versatile. For this reason any size women can wear it. How as a plus size women will these designs work for you?  How on earth could you get into a Victoria Beckham collection? More so than ever us women are looking for comfortable, chic high end street wear look. We want to embrace our rock chic personality no matter  what size we are?

Is size 16 Normal

What do you see when you look at this photograph? Normal women or four very plus size women? Did you know that the average size women these days in Britain are a size 16. It’s a heavy debate even on my blog what is deemed as plus size?

Plus Size Women Size 16 British women

Collection Will Suit Any Size Women

The design pieces and cuts can look great on any size women. Why? The collection has many dark fabrics.Hence as you all know dark fabrics are very slimming  on any size women. Due to the stretchy materials it allows any body type to fit into the dress.If  you have a voluptuous figure, theses edgy dresses clings to every part of your figure. So like Christina Hendricks or the talented singer Adele who embrace their figures. You too can look  fabulously chic. Don’t be put off by the size of these models. It’s all about choosing the right dress here for you and being confident with your size.

Block Colouring, Stretchy material and Military Jackets

Dark block colouring is perfect for plus size women figures. They look very slimming. Military jackets in this collection can be simply used as a dress for winter instead of a jacket. The jacket designs zip up from head to toe so to speak. Hence very easy to convert to a dress. Jackets look great as a dress in winter and the result is chic,  elegant and very edgy.

The materials used in this collection are so stretchy, trust me you can easily get into them. For plus size women the first thing they want to do is retract from showing their figures. A big fashion no, no! Embrace your figure, try the dress on and watch how flattering it can look. It all comes down to how confident you feel.

adele-wearing-black-jacket ,plus size women

These jackets can be worn on their own as a dress. If the jacket is longer how funky is it as a dress?

adele wearing jacket, plus size

Both these dresses would look fab on Adele. The black material on the sides of the green dress is so slimming

Victoria Beckham Fall Winter Fashion, plus size women dresses

These red numbers will look fab on a plus size women

Victoria Beckham, military jackets for plus size women

Victoria Beckham jackets are longer. Perfect jacket to zip up as a dress with thick shiny leggings

christina hendricks in black dress plus size women

How great does she look? Not even wearing stretchy material.

christina hendricks in black dress plus size women

Victoria Beckham, plus size women dresses

Experiment with these kind of dresses or jackets no matter what size you are

Victoria Beckham - Autumn Winter 2012 Collection

Gorgeous but let’s face it the average women will never be this size. So don’t try to be.