Starting a new job can be daunting, no matter the role. You’re wondering what your colleagues will be like, how much work you’ll have and where to go on lunch.

Starting a job in law can be even more daunting, as there tends to be a specific dress code. It’s an unfortunate fact that the way we look and what we wear plays a big part in how we’re perceived. A person will put their faith in a PI lawyer (from Orlando), for example, so this lawyer needs to look smart, professional and hard working.

So, what should you wear for your first job in law?

Smart Shoes

The average woman spends a lot on shoes in her lifetime. Why? Our shoes say a lot about us. You wouldn’t expect to see a lawyer in scuffed trainers or flip flops. For your first job in law, invest in a good pair of smart shoes. Acceptable shoes include leather shoes, brogues, lace-up loafers or pumps. Low to mid heels are also appropriate, but make sure you’re comfortable.


The Perfect Blouse

If you’re worried about what to wear for your first job in law, you can’t go wrong with a blouse. A blouse says that you’re hardworking, smart and sophisticated. Paired with a pencil skirt or cigarette pants, you’re golden. The most attractive blouses have some slight embellishment and come in nice fabrics, like silk or chiffon.

lace blouse

Well Ironed

It’s no good wearing smart clothes if they’re crumpled and creased. A person working in law needs to take pride in their appearance, and that means treating their clothes with the respect they deserve. Hang your clothes in your wardrobe and iron everything for the week ahead.

A Good Fit

Looking presentable means wearing clothes that fit properly. This means nothing that’s too baggy or slouchy or else you’ll give the impression that you don’t care about the job. However, it also means nothing too tight or figure-hugging. Clothes that fit well should flatter your body shape and feel easy to move around in.

No Logos

Have you ever seen a lawyer wearing a top with a huge logo? No. While small logos might be appropriate, you’re best off avoiding them altogether when you’re finding your feet. Logos give across the impression of promoting a brand or having a strong opinion about something. Aim to stay neutral while you get to grips with the job.

Blazer Jacket

If in doubt, a blazer jacket is never going to be a bad investment. Most lawyers own them and a few bespoke suits, too. A blazer jacket shows you’re professional and mean business. It adds a level of sophistication to your Prada outfit and equips you for formal meetings and events.