Getting dressed isn’t just part of your morning routine. What we wear has much more of an impact on our mood and our emotions than we like to think. Wearing clothes that make us look and feel good can dictate the success and confidence we have at work, how assertive we feel in those tense situations and even how we’re perceived by others.

Many women find that it’s difficult to find the right fashion-balance in the workplace. In a male-dominated industry where they’re surrounded by sharp suits, we want to look strong and collected, yet fear that any touch of femininity can detract from their look. You want to look good, but fitted clothes leave you gasping for air after lunch and high heels just aren’t worth the sore feet at the end of the day.

So, what’s the solution? If you’re looking for feminine fashion inspiration, then take a look at those in the legal sector. It’s easy to see that lawyers and attorneys manage to strike the perfect balance between a smart and elegant look. Dressing sensibly in the workplace also means you’re less likely to fall and hurt yourself. That torn carpet in the foyer or that wet floor in the kitchen are less likely to cause issues if you dress practically. However, if you do find yourself injured at work you may wish to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer to discuss your current situation.

Read on to discover some lawyer inspired fashion tips, and dress like you mean business!

Your Top

Court attire for both men and women usually inspires images of suits. However, it’s not always the case. Women can still look smart and assertive without a traditional well-tailored suit. Lightweight tops including crew neck sweaters and turtle neck styles are perfectly professional and stylish.

Well cut blouses (nothing low-cut of course) and polo shirts with crisp collars will also look great in the workplace. Of course, avoid anything too distracting such as garish patterns and loud colours. Muted colours are better, however, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little extra colour with some carefully chosen accessories, something we’ll discuss further, below.

Your Bottom Half

Again, suit pants look great and you can wear them with a multitude of tops. However, don’t be afraid to step away from this traditional look, and consider capri pants and tailored skirts. If you do opt for a skirt, then don’t forget your tights.


A smart dress is a simple, yet effective option for those who want to add a touch of femininity to their work look. An A-line dress that stops below the knee, teamed with a cardigan, blazer or jacket will project sophistication and professionalism with ease.

Dress Like You Mean Business With These Lawyer-Inspired Fashion Tips


Of course, heels will always look great, but not every woman enjoys wearing them or feels like they should have to. No problem. Smart loafers or simple leather shoes will complement any outfit, or a simple block heel will give your feet some much-needed support when you’re up and down all day. Just avoid opened-toed shoes or sandals.

And Finally, Accessories

Well-chosen accessories can help you add a touch of your personality to your outfit. Whether you choose some brightly coloured glasses, or a simple chain necklace, stylish watch or classic brooch. However, avoid anything that may be distracting or undermine the rest of your outfit.