Could the cape blanket be 2021’s replacement to wearing pyjamas and frumpy tracksuits? This multi-purpose clothing is all about looking stylish, feeling cosey and staying warm.  I am staying in a very old and cold Villa.

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No matter how much I spend on heating, this rustic charm opulent lifestyle I live. Comes at a very cold price. Single glazed windows, stone flooring and corridors like crossing Antarctica. are why I am opting for wearing a cape blanket.

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My mental state of mind is determined by what I wear.

Wearing or using blankets made from home is a state of opulent lifestyle comfort. That is what we are seeking during this lockdown item that make us feel good.

I had a red cape made but that is different from a blanket cape.

Italian staircase Tuscany Gracie Opulanza

Untold Comfort

From the moment we are born, we are wrapped in a blanket.

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It is a symbol of comfort, warmth and security. Blankets are very versatile here. I throw it on myself, the sofa in the car and whilst walking on the estate. Wool, cashmere is the only textile I love to wear as a cape blanket.

A cape blanket is not a shawl it is literally a blanket. For that reason, it offers a stylish challenge. For the most part, if you get it wrong you are literally walking around with a blanket on your body.

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Sustainable Fashion

Go through your existing wardrobe and choose your knit style.

Go to a charity shop and unstitch old jumpers and reuse the wool. Go for lots of colour such as red.

My shawl is amazing in cashmere and feels lovely. But it’s not big enough to cover my whole body. It’s not a blanket cape.

Cape Blanket Styles

I would opt for a poncho-style. It’s comfortable, easy to walk in and looks stylish. I have two will ones which I wear all the time even collecting flowers, wood and olives.

Due to my arms being free I can flick the poncho blanket over my shoulders anytime. I even cook in it as the villa is cold inside when I wake up.

cashmere wool

My cashmere jacket made for my here in Lucca at Atelier Ricci is more like a bathroom robe but again it’s not a blanket cape. It’s warm, cosey and a nice alternative to other jackets.

leather leggings atelier ricci 2021 lucca italy

This is my villa here in Tuscany and I have been in lockdown for five weeks now. I wear all the above styles to look stylish and stay warm.

Blanket Cape

To get started choose a huge blanket you already have and decide what style you want.

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Walk around wearing it and then create your own cape blanket. You have plenty of time to design and it’s all good for the mental state of mind.

blanket 2021 fashion (2)

Chunky Knit Cape Blanket

When this pandemic is over we will all be ditching styles like this. So opt for a chunky knit blanket that you can wear as a poncho. But later on to keep and treasure as a bedspread.

Blankets are sustainable items that can be used in the home and wearing it too.

blanket 2021 fashion (2) chunky knit


A blanket worn as a skirt is a great way of keeping your legs warm. So how do you choose your bankirt?

Blanket skirt

I would start with wrapping it around your legs and go from there.