Business attire doesn’t have to be boring. A well-fitting, classic style can make you look sharp and polished.


When we return to our offices our appearance of what was accepted will have changed. The loss of jobs means everyone is replaceable. That firing and hiring will be at its all-time high. The competition for high standards of work and the pressure to perform will be the biggest challenge for retaining your job.

What to wear at work will return to the all-time classic way of dressing. Historically during war or pandemics, the work outfit such as jackets, pencil skirts, and suits will be work clothes we are not accustomed to.

The dress code for work wardrobe means that casual Fridays will no longer exist.

I am predicting back to classic basics is the key to avoid being in the spotlight or firing line.

Wear Business Attire Classic Look for the Modern Professional (With Images)

Business Etiquette

The Business Etiquette of button-down shirts or polo wear will be no longer acceptable attire when working in the office. Prints like khaki that was once worn on the casual side, consider pairing khaki with a black top, blazer worn on or below the shoulders, and pointy-toed shoes that just peek through. Maybe as casual as one will get for office work.

Wear Business Attire Classic Look for the Modern Professional (With Images)

Personal Style

Finding the balance of expressing your Personal Style will be very limited. Wrap dresses in plain fabrics with a silk scarf is a nice conservative way of dressing. Knee-high boots should be worn in black or navy.

Wear Business Attire Classic Look for the Modern Professional (With Images)

Dress Pants

Dress pants or trousers worn in dark colours only are a great Monday entrance.  Three Pairs of Shoe mules, loafers, and pumps are versatile enough to wear with every single one of your 10 work outfits. But keep to neutral patterns.

dress pants with trench jacket

Invest in a nice beige trench coat.

Mix And Match

Navy and white or beige and sky blue team well as basics. No outrageous prints that will draw unnecessary attention. Or a slight brocade like on the jacket below is subtle elegance.

grey suit

Common Styles Of Business Suits

Office outfits such as midi skirt, cardigan workwear is essential to be worn, No denim, skinny jeans business casual is no longer a message of reaching the top in business. Neutral Midi Skirt + Mules with a classic white shirt and suit jacket looks boardroom-ready when paired with a chic black midi skirt

You can never go wrong with a pinstripe navy suit. Top to bottom.

Wear Business Attire Classic Look for the Modern Professional (With Images)

Carla Zampetti was an Italian designer who made timeless office classics for women of all ages.

The Suit

The suit is a work attire message of meaning business and your colleagues will feel intimidated and under pressure to follow suit. Don’t wear sneakers with your suit in the office. Make sure you change your shoes before entering the office building. in the colder months wear plain scarves to keep you warm. Steer away from bright colors when presenting within the boardroom orzoom.

Make sure your collar is clean from neck sweat and makeup. make sure your shirt is always button-up. Invest in a cotton blouse great for warmer months.

Wear Business Attire Classic Look for the Modern Professional (With Images)

How To Find The Right Suit

Listen to expert suit tailor Edward Sexton on finding the right suit.



This needs to be considered very safe. No bling and be conservative when it comes to jewelry. Tiny obscure pendants are always safe. No dangling earrings or diamonds. Show-off pieces won’t go down well. Have a leather laptop case, image is everything when it comes to bag accessories.

Make sure your nails are manicured you can’t go wrong with neutral colours.

9 Common Mistakes

Leather jackets are not a good impression in work office space. Don’t wear a sweater with political messages. Keep your high heels at a walking height. Don’t wear a knit that is dirty. make sure your closet is accessible and not enduring smelling musk clothes.

Don’t dry clean clothes at home. Make sure wool suits are cleaned often. Don’t wear socks with holes. Don’t wear your hair loosely, it gives a laid-back impression. Polish your shoes often.