The ingredients of anti-ageing skincare: sunscreen, antioxidants and more. This 500 Billion dollar industry, gives some great tips on what they can do and where you can find them.

Anti-ageing The New Dirty Word Trend

According to research by Avon for its report The Future of Beauty in a Post-Pandemic World, ‘anti-ageing’ is now a dirty word.

For me, aged fifty antiaging has never been a dirty word. It’s only thanks to this 500billion dollar industry, we all fell for products to reverse ageing.

Celebrity obsession such as trying to be Jennifer Lopez or Gweneth Paltrow is why. Turning fifty has made us reflect on the unrealistic targets money can buy.

They have made millions for it. Unlike us?

The Anti-Ageing Pandemic Reality

The pandemic has certainly taught us how much money we have wasted trying to get a serum, cleanser or botox to get rid of wrinkles. Just take a look at Nicole Kidman who faces is as stiff cardboard.

Nicole has a new cult following,  Kylie Minogue. Have you seen the unrealistic results of collagen production and artificial elastin used by these two? Take a closer look and you will see inflammation overload injections. But the music and film industry is very unkind to ageing women.

Hence why these two amazing ladies can afford to do it.

Do you really want to see how Nicole looks like, wihtout botox?

Who The Hell Can Afford The JLo lifestyle?

As a global brand director, Hannah Roberts says,

‘A stark realisation that the pandemic has brought to us all is that getting older is not something to be afraid of or a battle “to win”, it’s something to strive for.

Does the harsh word strive for really give the right message? Hannah strived hard to be where she is now? Yes, it’s called 500billion dollar skincare sell.

Who wants to strive for anything turning fifty? Turning fifty is a celebration.

First of all, we have no choice when it comes to ageing. It’s why when I turned fifty I celebrated it for months. So, the conversations around skincare will shift away from messages that we “should” turn back time. I wish I could turn back time and make lifestyle choices that would make my existing life a lot easier.

I get creams when I stay at hotels. I stood on the famous Venice pier well and truly before JLo with Dolce & Gabbana. My Review Hotel Excelsior Lido.

Riva boat Hotel Excelsior Lido

I created my own fifty celebration in July 2021.

Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido The Dock Venice film festival Gracie Opulanza 2021 (1) dock venice film festival

I celebrated fifty within my means, budgets and social media brands.  Debt is what ages many women. Don’t buy into a lifestyle that you can’t afford. Your wrinkles will happen even more.

Gracie Opulanza X Fratelli Borgioli GO Red Hiking Boot Gucci Eyewear Made In Italy (12)

Me being GO not Jlo in my Go Red hiking boots on the GO! I succeeded in this collaboration in Tuscany during a severe lockdown. it was my sanity.

The New Bank Anti-Ageing Conversation

Conversations now according to research should be focused on conversations around effective products that address our specific needs to give us our most beautiful resilient skin.

Age does not define you, my life experiences are why I have wrinkles on my skin. Kids, pandemic, getting Covud not seeing loved ones for two years. My business is being destroyed thanks to lockdowns. No furlough help. Fashion PR’s I call freeloaders trying to convince me to post free content. Or asking for my ten years of experience in social media marketing for free.

This is why my skin looks like it does due to the FRUSTRATION of being a mum, wife, businesswoman!

Our skincare reality is all what us ladies can afford.

I just read about Collagen Banking treatments. Thanks to Dr Nyla Raja, a very expensive dermatologist and cosmetic doctor catering for the celebrities bank accounts.  She boasts about injectables, facial rejuvenation and uses radiofrequency, ultrasound, laser and IPL instead of filler.  To pump up your skin and your facial debt. I have no idea what half of these facial regimes will do.

You can be fined her services where all the footballer’s wives live in Liverpool and Cheshire. That’s right footballers wives have plenty of cash.

I rather go buy a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce than try to look younger.

Gucci eyewear Venice Gracie Opulanza

Me in Venice with my Ozzie skin tan of the 80’s

Inflamed Lockdown Skin

Yes, it’s called weight gain. Or stress and anxiety as I personally could not go outside for three months. Not even to walk the kids in Europe. My mental health was put to the utmost limits living in a small confined space, teaching my kid’s homeschooling. No skincare regime helped my anti-ageing grey hairs or wrinkles. I certainly embraced my natural hair colour alright. No hair product brand had to teach me that.

It was working my inner soul, changing my location and meditating on bible scriptures and heading to Venice that I looked and felt ten years younger. 

Linda Evangelista

Did we all not gasp at her Instagram post of what you went wrong up looking like if you try to reverse anti aging? It was not how ageing got to her. it was a good lesson to be very mindful of the harsh reality the fashion industry puts on us women when ageing.

The fashion of today makes us feel worthless.

They are paid to do so. Hence we then buy into anti-ageing skincare regimes.

Avon’s study of 4,000 women discovered that the new, post-pandemic aim is ‘ageing authentically’. Yes, yes, yes! I don’t believe this for one minute. Who did they survey really and where?

What is the underrated middle ground? Doing just enough of the right things! Rather than resorting to layering upon layer of copycat procedures that turn women into glossy-skinned clones of one another. This $500 billion industry is nothing to do with the ageing balance. It’s plastered all over our over social media Targeting women aged fifty that ageing is terrible. So by using and embracing all the peptides, soaps boost collagen, surgeries, and chemical peels. Is all about happenings and it will get result of premature ageing.

After all, what is the point of looking good for your age if you no longer like yourself? Linda Evangelista is beautiful and was. But it’s the pressure of our cosmetic industry wanting her to NOT look Fifty. As a result, in her own words said.

The PAH has not only destroyed my livelihood!

She is unemployable in the world of skincare!

Skin Care Routine For Fifty Year Olds

Premature ageing is the biggest money earner for years now. It’s why Trinny Woodhall and Holly Willoughby are hard at it to make as many millions as they can. The new trend for Skin elasticity, laser treatment, UV rays and getting rid of the appearance of fine lines lifestyle itself.

People are also trying treatments like NAD+ in Albuquerque, which replenishes naturally-occurring coenzymes that decline with age. NAD helps stimulate collagen production, which promotes skin elasticity. It also helps protect brain cells from oxidative stress, which has been linked to disorders like Alzheimer’s.

This is all about creating your own products all in the name of influence. Trinny London is worth 180million.

Sun Spots

Since when are freckles and sunspots an issue whilst ageing? I grew up in the harsh sun of Australia. The harsh reality of UVA, and UVB in my 30s and 40s is why I don’t care about my extra freckles or dark beauty spots on my face, back and arms.

gRcaie Opulanza venice

Filter used here, but it’s not like I have a choice to turn it on and off!

Muscle Toning

Looking for an inexpensive way to tighten up your face muscles. Scream at the husband and kids a bit more. Jump on a trampoline and slap some good old olive oil whist making a pizza on your face.

Life Is Full Of Natural Prescriptions

Try some natural aloe vera cream. Use your grained coffee and mix it with Nivea, wait to see and smell your face after that result.

GO Red Hiking Boot 2021

Great for toning, and lymphatic drainage. The cost is me mentally pushing myself to do it.

Indulge In Mental Healing

How many of us are homeschooling? Why don’t you make it a top priority to stop watching Netflix and listen to a TED talk? Or ring a friend who is dying of cancer. Life is shorter at fifty. So use your time wisely.

Why not learn a new skill, like knitting? Or teaching yourself a new skill.

What Is The Best Vitamin E And A

Why not take this time lockdown life to strive for everything E? Good Eating, Excellence in helping out a friend. Being Excited that you are still alive and well at fifty. Or A for fighting against, Apathy towards daily chores of life. Or A for developing your Artists knowledge on a topic that will guide you towards your passion and dreams.

The Power Of Frustration

As a mother, I am always frustrated about how I don’t own my dream home. How my influence on social media is not what I want it to be. I am frustrated that I can’t travel without a PCR test. I am frustrated that I have no choice when it comes to vaccination. I am frustrated that my stomach has grown in the last year. I am frustrated where I live right now. I am frustrated about my ever-changing body at fifty. I am frustrated that we women are told that antiaging creams are nothing bout lifestyle choices, stresses and what we shove on our bodies.

Life Is About Choices

Has covid 19 fast-tracked what choices we made in the past is why we women are where we are at. Living in poverty, unhappy marriage, a passion yet unfulfilled. Homeschooling our kids is not by choice. Feeling yucky about how we look. Our house is too small. Not earning enough cash.

The reality is life is as happy or as miserable as women choose to make it.

No Polyphenols, no Niacinamide no method of Hyaluronic Acid or piling of  Retinol or Sunscreen will ever heal the inside of our soul.

Don’t Ignore Your Inner Body, Mind And Soul

My best days are when I give time to myself. Work on the negative thoughts of the past. Mis opportunities I keep beating myself up for. It’s when I exercise when I don’t feel like too. It is when I make my job work for me that I am happy.

Don’t for one minute believe that antiaging is a dirty word.

Plenty of billions are being spent as we speak on how to use makeup at fifty, and get a skincare regime to make you look ten years younger.

Venice Rialto Bridge Gucci eyewea

I could get lip enhancement, botox and scrubs. But gees you can buy creams but you can’t buy experiences. That’s where my hard earn cash goes into. Staying in cities for a few weeks to learn the culture. I started this trend way back in June 2020. The new stressful way of travelling.

Anti-Ageing Creams Are Here To Stay

The key difference is don’t end up believing the biggest marketing lie of them all.

We are all going to age! If you have the celebrity cash to fight against it then do so.

Madonna looks the way she does. It’s cost her millions to do so. These celebrities have big money, nannies, and every top food and drink. and trends available to them to look young.

They have the lifestyle and millions like Victoria Beckham, and Kim Kardashian who are role models for rich women to copy. They are not the reality of this lockdown life of millions of women in New York, London or Paris.

Celebrities are unrealistic influences for us women at fifty! Women who can’t even buy into their lifestyle?

I would feel like utter fat crap if I looked at these ladies as my reality or inspiration.

Me celebrating being fifty, July 2021

WAmsterdam Olive Green Gracie Opulanza Vanilia Dress