As I type this, the memory of my alarm clock blaring at what I fondly refer to as ‘still dark o’clock’ (an ungodly 5 AM) plays vividly in my mind. This is the hour when the world outside is shrouded in a blanket of quiet, yet here I am, wide awake and stumbling through the darkness towards Gracie’s sanctuary. The moment I push open her door, the ambiance changes. Gracie, with her ever-radiant smile and eyes sparkling with excitement, greets me. She’s a marvel, really; sleep seems like an optional luxury for her, especially after a night spent crafting stories of her adventures in the glamorous world we orbit.


Today is no ordinary day. The air is charged with anticipation for the opening breakfast of the MenStyleFashion, an event where the who’s who of fashion congregate. But for us, it’s more than just an event; it’s the arena where Gracie will don her bespoke peacock lashes, a little masterpiece I had the pleasure of handcrafting.

Gracie’s ambition for today? Securing interviews with two of the event’s most elusive ambassadors. Historically, securing such interviews has been akin to capturing lightning in a bottle, with only the likes of David Gandy ever gracing us with his presence and insights. Gracie’s previous encounter with Gandy was nothing short of magical – a blend of humor and powerful storytelling that left everyone wanting more. How do we replicate that success, you ask? The answer lies in a mixture of strategy, charm, and perhaps a little bit of our secret weapon: makeup magic.


Gieves & Hawkes - London Collections Men

Make Up For Gracie

My morning ritual begins with revitalizing Gracie’s skin, using Dermalogica’s ‘Ultracalming Mist’ to erase any signs of fatigue. It’s a secret weapon for both of us; its scent alone can calm the stormiest of nerves. Following that, I layer M.A.C moisture infusion topped with Dermalogica’s Active Moist to ensure her skin can withstand the day’s challenges. Foundation is a tactical affair, mixing M.A.C Prep+Prime Beauty Balm with Pro Longwear for that flawless, enduring finish.

Gracie Opulanza - Lavazza - London Collections Men 2014

Gracie’s eyebrows are next, sculpted to perfection, setting the stage for her eyes to captivate and charm. The Too Faced ‘Natural Eye’ palette is my choice for today, accentuating her deep-set eyes and preparing them for the pièce de résistance: the peacock lashes. A sweep of M.A.C ‘style’ blush and a dusting of prep+prime Transparent Finishing Powder, and the canvas is nearly complete.

Gracie Opulanza - Lavazza - London Collections Men 2014

Lips are crucial, especially for someone as expressive as Gracie. M.A.C Prep+Prime Lip has been a revelation, ensuring her lipstick remains unyielding, no matter how many stories she shares or laughs she indulges in. Today’s choice? Max Factor ‘Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint’ in 06 for that perfect pop of color.

Hairstyling is an adventure on its own. I section her hair, crafting a voluminous quiff that commands attention, while the rest is woven into a French braid, secured and set for the day’s escapades. ‘Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Back Comb in a Bottle’ provides the final touch, ensuring every strand is in its place, ready for action.

Gracie Opulanza -Dermot O leary

Tinie Tempah - London Collections men 2014

All interview below with me holding a whopping twenty umbrellas.

David Gandy, Dermot O’ Leary and Tinie Tempah

The moment of truth arrives with the application of the peacock lashes, a bold statement of beauty and intent. As Gracie steps out, ready to take on the world, the air is thick with anticipation. The effort, the early mornings, the meticulous planning – all of it culminates in this moment.

Tinie Tempah - London Collection Men Interview 2014 (27)

To our delight, the response is overwhelming. Within the first hour, our mission is accomplished, a testament to Gracie’s magnetic presence and perhaps, a little bit of that makeup magic. It’s a reminder of the power of persistence, the art of preparation, and the undeniable impact of a well-crafted look. As I reflect on the day’s triumphs, I can’t help but smile at the thought of what lies ahead. In this opulent, extravagant world we navigate, the stories we tell are not just heard; they’re seen, they’re felt, they’re remembered. And as for getting that celebrity interview? Well, it seems a dash of daring, a touch of makeup mastery, and a whole lot of heart is the perfect recipe.


Gracie Opulanza - Lavazza - London Collections Men 2014

Darren Kennedy - London Collections men 2014

Darren Kennedy wearing his own collection

Reggie Yates - London Collections Men 2014

Gorgeous Reggie Yates

Louis Smith - Athlete and Dancing with the stars winner

Louis Smith – Athlete

Gracie Opulanza - Lavazza - London Collections Men 2014