Growing up amidst the sun-kissed beaches of Australia, I was mesmerized by the radiance of one woman who seemed to capture the essence of natural beauty like no other. Elle Macpherson, or as the world reverently calls her, ‘The Body’, was the quintessence of the era when women’s allure was as authentic as the cerulean skies above. As she celebrates stepping into her seventh decade, it’s only fitting to delve into the magnificence that is Elle, a supermodel whose very presence in a swimsuit could command attention, admiration, and a dash of envy for her God-given grace.

Back in those days, the fashion and beauty realms were untainted by the digital alterations and cosmetic enhancements that seem almost obligatory now. Watching Elle dominate catwalks and grace countless advertising campaigns with her athletic glamour was akin to witnessing a masterclass in natural elegance.

And here she is, at 60, not just thriving but also shaping an empire with her wellness brand WelleCo, embodying the spirit of a ‘Goddess with guts’. The journey from supermodel to wellness guru is not merely about career evolution but a testament to her timeless appeal and relentless commitment to authenticity.

Elle Macpherson - The Body The Face Versus Fake Beauty

Fifteen Years Of Natural Beauty

For the past 15 years, the stylist Anna Bromilow has been the wizard behind the curtain, working closely with Elle to craft a midlife aesthetic that resonates with the same cool vibe characteristic of her ’80s off-duty moments. “Elle wants to feel like the best version of herself,” Bromilow shared, encapsulating the essence of their fashion endeavors. It’s not about reinventing Elle but accentuating the iconic silhouette that she naturally possesses.

Elle’s style, marked by elongated, clean silhouettes and modern, streamlined shapes, is a masterclass in making the most of one’s natural assets. It’s a reminder that true style transcends time, trends, and age, focusing on highlighting one’s inherent beauty.

But as I sit here, reminiscing about the golden era of fashion and beauty, a tinge of sorrow clouds my thoughts for the current and upcoming generations. The beauty industry, now a behemoth commanding billions, seems to have strayed far from the path of celebrating natural allure.

Today, we find ourselves in an age where artificial enhancements and digital alterations dictate standards of beauty, from fake breasts and buttocks to botoxed faces that betray no emotion, and lips so plump they’d give a toad pause.

The message being peddled is clear and disheartening: growing old is not just undesirable; it’s almost taboo.

Elle Macpherson - The Body The Face Versus Fake Beauty

Botox And Fillers Are Killing Our Looks

It’s heart-wrenching to witness icons like Elle and Nicole Kidman, once the epitomes of natural beauty, fall prey to the pressures of maintaining an eternally youthful appearance. This shift towards an artificially constructed ideal not only diminishes the essence of true beauty but also sets a daunting standard for women and girls everywhere. My heart goes out to my daughters and all the young women who find themselves navigating this treacherous landscape, where self-worth is often gauged by superficial standards imposed by the beauty industry.

Yet, in the midst of this tumultuous beauty narrative, the legacy of Elle Macpherson offers a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Her journey underscores the power of authenticity, the elegance of aging gracefully, and the undeniable allure of natural beauty.

Elle Macpherson - The Body The Face Versus Fake Beauty

It’s a call to arms for women everywhere to reclaim their self-worth, to embrace their unique beauty, and to challenge the prevailing norms that seek to diminish their value to mere physical appearances.

Elle Face Is Botox Toxic

As we navigate these complex times, let’s draw inspiration from icons like Elle, who remind us of the beauty in authenticity, the grace in aging, and the strength in embracing our natural selves. It’s time to redefine beauty on our terms, to celebrate the diversity of womanhood in all its forms, and to pave the way for a future where beauty is not just skin deep but radiates from the core of our beings.

Elle Macpherson - The Body The Face Versus Fake Beauty

Let’s laugh in the face of artificiality, dance in the rain of our imperfections, and stride forward with the confidence that comes from knowing we are beautiful, just as we are. After all, if Elle Macpherson, ‘The Body’ herself, can embrace her journey with such grace and vitality, why shouldn’t we?