I met Carl in September 2013 and instantly loved his shirts. It was loud music and all I could understand was PINK Collar Shirts. I was a tad confused as I could not see any pink within the collection. So after featuring Pin Collar Shirts on MenStyleFashion, it was even more exciting to see David Gandy feature it on his own blog in VOGUE this February.

So at London Fashion Week Carl had his first women’s Pin Collar shirt made. I have to say the quality of the shirts are divine, the style looks smart and edgy. But as you all are well aware, Gracie Opulanza is never in VOGUE she is ahead of it.

Gracie Pin’s Carl In his Shirt

Listen to Carl who explains the inspiration behind the Label. What can I say,  brace yourselves because it’s going to get PRETTY.

Pin Collar Shirts


Pincollarshirts for Women 2014 Pincollarshirts for Women 2014