What on earth do you put on Gracie Opulanza when she is a women hard to pin down. She is always talking about Bespoke Tailoring and the lack of it for women. Now Gracie on the onset is a women that loves colour. So when I chose this coat I knew it was going to be a risk. I was ready for a show down. So in pure Gracie style, she commented about the colour, in this case. Where was the colour?

She was not feeling to confident in wearing it as she loves colour. This is the power of a good stylist and one that takes control. So we worked together, well I made out I was co-operating with her. As a stylist it’s important to listen to your client let them share what they are not happy with. Let them share ,it’s important, then prove them wrong.

Gracie was happy that the coat was made of the highest quality fabric called Harris Tweed. It was so cold at London Fashion week she was needing a coat that  had to look edgy, cool and be of robust standard. This coat was made for Gracie Opulanza on every level. It came back with out been torn. Yes I know, she is a women that can tear fabrics within minutes. It kept her warm but most of all it empowered her to do what she does best.

Run after Men and boy did the men run after her.

George The Designer

I am a young designer who graduated from a degree in Performance Sportswear Design from Falmouth in 2012. I specialised in outerwear that combines the function of sportswear with a luxury fashion look. I have gained experience within fashion brands Christopher Raeburn and Marios Schwab and within sportswear brands Finisterre and Adidas.

100% Wool genuine Harris Tweed

The coat you wore was from my most recent collection which I made for Brighton Fashion Week by request. It is made out of 100% Wool genuine harris tweed and lined with ethically sourced, fibre proof tencel from Weidmann Gewebe. The cuffs were knitted from 100% alpaca. The design was inspired by living in the country and how rural female animals are extremely subtle, yet still highly feminine and beautiful. All elements have been considered; I used the best zips possible and ensured that the coat was highly practical for everyday use.

If you need to know anything more then please just let me know. I am happy to answer any questions you might have. I am highly interested in male style and I actually buy and sell luxury menswear in my spare time (this has taught me a lot about the hand detailing in bespoke and how to care for different fabrics and leathers.

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Harris Tweed - London Fashion Week 2014 Harris Tweed - London Fashion Week 2014

Harris Tweed - London Fashion Week 2014

Harris Tweed - London Fashion Week 2014