I always dreamt about a life of freedom and journey’s around the globe. With this desire, I decided to downsize, sell all my cars and large excessive furniture amongst other things and begin to travel since 20017.  I own MenStyleFashion.com and I create video diaries, articles and take photos at many famous and up and coming new destinations around the world.

My impromptu personality has lead me to many story telling, about 5 Star hotels, luxury cars, famous restaurants such as Heston Blumental. To also be creative in showcasing my fashion, whilst travelling and trending as a digital nomad.

These are my six travel tips for 2018, trends for fashion and lifestyle. I don’t just take photo’s, I live the lifestyle.

Oxfordshire Audi R8, 2018

Bentley Bentayga, Rhonda Spain October 2017

New York March 2018

My Fashion Style

I am unique in style, far from exploiting my body, let alone wearing hot bikinis at the beach, jeans or one shoulder dresses. I rather trend brands that are not known and wear flamboyant accessories. That being large oversized rock rings and endless amounts of bling bracelets. I am currently wearing as much gold and gold plated items as possible. Gold is always a great choice for every lady in Spring and Summer. Nakibirango, has excellent quality accessories and her latest additions coming soon, called Sofia bracelets look stunning with anything and everything.

Nakibirango Gold Plated Sofia bracelets

I choose to wear neutral colours such as black, white and pastel. I do not pay attention to detail in anything I wear, it just happens.

I have reviewed over 150  hotels in the two years and my travel style is always connecting with local fashion brands as I travel. I hunt my own style and work it together in the local area I am reviewing. I live, eat and wear the clothing as I travel and this is so exciting, as I don’t plan my style, it plans me. I am exhausted by the cliche images of everyday high street fashion. I have always been. It’s very rare that I buy what is on trend. Due to the limit space within my luggage I buy as I travel.

Fashion Clothing by Aldegonde Van Alsenoy 2018 Vietnam Hoi An

Under Armour May 2018

Milano Design Week, Byton Car Concept Launch April 2018 I am wearing leather, Hugo Boss, Versace and Joseph

Travel Tips For Luxury Summer

What do I want to bring back from my trips when most of the time it’s 5 Star hotels, eating and driving luxury cars let alone wearing, unknown fashion labels. It’s simple I take magical moments with my camera and write about it.  Showcasing the traditional clothing of another country, gives me the freedom to wear it as I choose. I love to write my nostalgic memories as they happen. This is alot harder than you think. As I can get caught up in making sure I social media my experiences and lose the very essence of taking in the moment.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio ( pope) recently pointed out. That when he is greeted by youth, they are more interested in taking selfie’s with him, than shaking his hand. Therefore my first tip is when you are travelling, take in the moment and take the picture later. Put your phone down and just look up and note where you are.

There is nowhere else in the world that I rather be than travelling in the moment. Money can never buy experiences. it’s priceless and special. The below shot was when I stopped and looked into my revision mirror and saw this.

Cotswold United Kingdom May 2018

The below shot was taken last week when I saw the staff member coming into my shot. Another example of living in the now and communicating through my lenses, what I am experiencing in the moment.

Park Hyatt Saigon May 2018

MakeUp & Microblading Tips

I find this so challenging especially when travelling in the heat. I am blessed with Italian genes and have dark olive skin. So in the summer, my skin is looking healthy and fresh. Less is more when it comes to makeup. Meghan Markle is an example of that yesterday at her own wedding. At the moment, I am using Dior black mascara and YVL, green eye shadow which many people around the globe are commenting on. The combination makes my brown eyes stand out and skin glow.

As for my skin, I use nothing but a variety of soaps and creams available to me within the hotel, Elemis products, being my top choice for now.

But the real game changer is my microblading eyebrows which requires nothing, except sunscreen to maintain, my perfectly shaped, dark and bold eyebrows.

New York March 2018


This is a tough one, as I have put on weight and nothing I try on looks good on me. So it’s a black Speedo one piece with a black and pink rashie. Lot’s of swimming and running to get back in shape. Though travelling around the globe there are plenty of options for swimwear. I am opting to go for bold colours this year. A fabulous kaftan is always a must when heading to the swimming pool or a Spa and Resort. It’s poor manners to enter a resort without covering up.

Metiseko 2017 Da Nang Silk Kaftan Dress

Fashion Weeks Around The Globe

Many designers choose to travel to get inspired by the next season collections. This 2018, what is trending is to combine travel with international fashion weeks. Fashion capital cities attract fashion devotees from around the world to come and be immersed in the space of passion and fashion. The places for them to express their personality through fashionable outfits and explore the unique culture and landscape of the destination and enjoy shopping time. I have been doing this since 2016, in where I no longer attend fashion weeks as a whole, but combine my hotel reviews during the fashion weeks and combine my bucketlist things to do during fashion weeks.

Audi R8 Review, May 2018

So when I was in Paris for the men’s fashion week I chose to visit some catwalks, Louis Vuitton museums and restaurants.  And when in London, I did Spa treatments, afternoon tea and  the occasional catwalk.  Staying at the fabulous  Radisson Blu Edwardian Mercer Street Hotel. Trending my own style and walking the streets of  Seven dials. in central London.

London Fashion Week 2016

Metiseko Silk Collection 2018

Seven Dials London Radisson Blu Edwardian Mercer Street Hotel, May 2017

I started my blog due to me loving eyewear. I am currently wearing Le Mans 24 collection 2018, thanks to Serengeti.

Pretty Green 2018 Collection Jacket for menswear.

South East Asia

I have been travelling South East Asia for over 9 months now. So I would recommend to visit Vietnam for it’s authentic charm before it gets over crowded. The food, fashion and hotel stays are just wonderful. The people are very helpful and the lemongrass products are just delightful, the smell is amazing.

If a city trip is what you are after then, Hong Kong has amazing city harbour views. If you have time combine it with Macau, where all the Asians are trending the latest European fashion and cars, money is no limit here. If you are looking and seeking, a unique different shopping experience head to Seoul. Seoul fashion is well known throughout other parts of Asia and well respected. For those wanting the latest trends for facials then, this is your city.

Hong Kong Harbour View May 2018

Vietnam September 2017

Money Can’t Buy Experiences

If you can’t afford to do luxury travel on your own, then team up with friends. The millennial way of living is now all about, sharing is caring after all. Enjoying each other’s company and creative ideas is priceless. In today’s world where everything can be very expensive it can also make one feel that they may never be able to live the life of luxury. Throughout my journey of luxury travel, the best experiences are the ones that don’t cost me anything but time, effort and kindness. Having people giving their time to share their inventions and dreams.

The dessert below was created for me specifically to showcase the passion the chef has when I took the time to listen to his life story as a chef.

Royal Pacific Hotel And Towers Hong Kong April 2018

Designer for Byton a new concept car for 2020