When I saw the picture of Christine Lagarde the over 60 year old  head of the IMF wearing a leather jacket, I instantly thought this woman is connected when it comes to empowering outfits. She understands that what you wear can and will give a clear message. What is her message to Greece in the all powerful debt negotiations? Why do you think she chose to wear this leather jacket when talking with the Greek politicians of all places?


Christine Lagarde, I.M.F. director, and Yanis Varoufakis, Greek finance minister. Photo source: New York Times

Leather Jacket Message

What is it about leather, black and us women that we choose to wear it right in the heat of a political storm? First of all, seeing a high ranking politician wearing leather, let alone a jacket, is everything that a politician is not. Politicians historically are very traditional and boring when it comes to fashion. Their public image in most cases is not good at all. We all know that when a huge controversial financial issue such as the Greek debt negotiations are ongoing, the last thing one would expect is the head of the IMF choosing to wear a black leather jacket. It’s such a casual wear statement, it’s unheard of.

My thinking is that Christine wore this leather jacket to be seen as approachable by the left Greek politicians and not be seen as the hard nosed organisation that drove them to be a bankrupt nation. As I read today, it has not stopped Greece from withholding a crucial repayment, the first time in the history of the IMF.

Still, I will applaud Christine’s choice and the way she chose to dress. As the most powerful woman in the world, she states that older women and politicians are not bound to dress codes. I would love to see more fashion role models like her. BRAVO.