I am in love with wool again. It’s long-forgotten art and skill, knitwear. During the lockdown, many are learning how to knit which is a fabulous relaxing past time.

Wool, cashmere 2021 design sustainable fashion (3)

Merino Wool Dress

I designed this merino wool dress in my head. So being part of that process is why I am loving wearing it. I chose purple because it’s part of my colour palette. The purple really turns heads, it is a very powerful colour.

The merino wool is so soft and feels wonderful. The machine used to create my merino wool dress is great to see.

Cashmere wool purple made in Italy Gracie Opulanza 2021 (2)

The moment I put it on I could not stop smiling and that is because I know that this wool dress is exclusive to me.

Creating my own wool designs is all about exclusivity.

Merino Wool 2021 purple dress Gracie Opulanza made in italy

Modern Cashmere Designs

So as I experiment with bespoke wool designs, here in Italy the nation that loves wool.

The next stage is to create a cashmere dress like below. The access to high-quality wool designs in the world of fast fashion is good but the quality is nasty. Due to the access of the wool I have I see and feel the quality sold to me. I am going to opt for an aubergine colour this time. I hope it turns out well.

The cashmere alone will cost me over 400 euro.

Wool, cashmere 2021 design sustainable fashion (3)

Wool - Dresses Of Design cashmere 2021 Gracie Opulanza

This is important to me. When I am buying wool I want to understand what I am buying.

Wool can be worn all year round. It’s a robust and versatile fabric that will last for many years. It’s why I love the sustainable message and it’s DNA purposes it has towards the world I live in.

Wool, cashmere 2021 design sustainable fashion (3)

Wool Playsuit

This is a playsuit that I have had made in a Pucci fabric.

Beach Pyjama - Vintage Pucci For Larger Women Reviewed gracie opulanza 2021 (2)

But would it work with mixed wool or merino wool? What is lacking in the world of wool is versatile designs. If it is there, it becomes very expensive and limited to the buyer. But the process of getting high-quality cashmere is not easy.

Wool, cashmere 2021 design sustainable fashion (3) lamb

That is what you pay for.

Gracie Opulanza wool kaftan cashmere dress 2021

Mixed Wool Colours

Mixing wool is another brilliant way of wearing it. So to create the above would be fabulous using mixed wool. A very complicated process to replicate the above. But would it not be amazing?

The above designs can be made to order in fabrics too. So if you are keen just drop me an email. I am loving wearing high-quality wool and excited to understand how it will endure over time.

I also know my carbon footprint as the buying chain is literally near where I live. Fashion damages the world we live in due to the process from start to finish to get the item to my front door.

In this case, it took less than 100km of driving to create my purple wool dress. That includes the sourcing of the wool.

Cashmere wool purple made in Italy Gracie Opulanza 2021 (2)

I hope I am inspiring you to embrace wool and knitwear for ever.