Summer is upon us and everyone is travelling to Venice. Printed and fruit fabric dresses and turban Pucci prints are some of the trends here in Venice. Why we wear brown? Remember that cafe, restaurant or hotel’s that you liked because of the impressive wooden interior?

Bamboo Italian furniture

This bamboo furniture is very popular in Italy and also handbags for this summer.

Junior Suite Hotel Excelsior Venice

Wasn’t that brown? Don’t you have sweet childhood memories of a brown bear? And of course, chocolate is brown!

Tan or Brown Dresses

You can’t go wrong with polka dot and everything tan. Pretty Woman is famous for her polka dot tan dress, worn at the polo.

But when it comes to earthy tones for summer in Europe, brown dresses always look great.

Brown is one of the vintage colours that has stood the test of time for an anyone capsule wardrobe.

Street Style Venice

Brown Prints

In this lockdown, we are always looking for nature. Brown is great for mental health issues.

Whether it be olive trees, roses and Villa’s in Italy. Earth tones or brown fashion have in common reflect warmth and comfort.

According to Psychology, those who wear brown color often reflects a strong and stable personality with a reliable and rational touch about it.

Brown dress venice

To be dancing in San Marco Square shows a lot of confidence. This is an example of the new Made In Italy  message.

brown dress Venice

How To Wear Brown?

  • Don’t layer brown with multiple colors. You want to look powerful and charming.
  • Spice up your simple brown outfit with orange leather bags.
  • Don’t wear a black belt or black footwear when topping with brown color. Look how many brown colour are happening here in these two outfits.

brown dress


You can’t go wrong with a straw hat or for a more vibrant look go for a Stetson red or white hat.

brown leather summer sandals


Peacock Belt

I would team this with a huge peacock or buckle belts. I am wearing a playsuit that always looks fabulous with dusty pink.

Junior Suite Hotel Excelsior wardrobe fabric doors

Or the huge trend is these cotton seat belt inspired belts for summer by Fendi.

Fendi cotton printed belts

They are used for bags, but I also use them as belts.

Fendi cotton printed belts

Over Size Eyewear

Don’t be afraid to wear oversize tortoiseshell eyewear.

Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Junior Suite 2021 Gracie Opulanza Italy (6)

Here are my other 8 summer wardrobe tip ideas. This is was women are wearing here in Venice below. There is an immense amount of Gucci trending.


Summer fashion and furniture (1)