During the Renaissance, Italy’s workshops where the ferment of ideas generated innovatively endeavors created a unique brand that is famous throughout the world. Just visit Rome, Venice or Florence to understand Made In Italy history. What can we do now in the world of luxury and fashion to revolutionize an enterprise that is in shatters? No one is buying face to face around the globe. Our high streets are full of empty stores. Fashion for the first time in history is no longer the importance of where we are wanting to spend.

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How can we start a new vision to recreate beauty, to imagine development strategies for Italy?

Italy is up against the new wars. Most people are completely unaware. The war is powerful (money cult) vs powerless (money-hungry) It is ruthless. And it is going to get much much worse.

People are so asleep here in Italy, regarding new vision and passion for making their brands get online.

Riva Classic boat venice

There are over 1,500 lakes in Italy. Landscapes have always been a source of inspiration and Venice is no exception. The Ferretti Group is a timeless atelier an emblem of the art of luxury shipbuilding, and its pulsing heart is pure Made In Italy.

La Plancia is an example of the new renaissance. Its elegant, sophisticated design and daring, futuristic architecture. Carlo Riva the engineer for the project of combining the old with the new in lake Iseo. Should put pressure here in Venice to attack and address the cruise ship new port in Venice.

Me looking at the Riva boat, the famous James Bond, Sophia Loren movies of the past. This Italian classic boat can never match our boats of today. Is there an electric version? Why is Venice not embracing more electric boats? I will be experiencing this and get back to you on eco-friendly Venice and yachts.

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Venice pollution of city life is why many are living a poorer lifestyle here. Venice is super busy and very loud on the canals. Foot traffic is a problem and so is rubbish and flooding of Venice. At what point does the Italian government realise, enough is enough. Listen to the new Renaissance of technology and by using that, we preserve its history. Many buildings when I walk around in Venice need restoring.

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Covid 19 The Big Reset

The power numbers have always forged the world’s imagination and 2020 and 2021 is no exception. We can say it with confidence: this year was a symbolic threshold, a junction, 2020 was a year of standstill. A shock and interruption of the life we are seeking to get back. But Summer 2021 is all about a new beginning. It is all about courage and a massive rebirth of how we shop, travel and live within our homes.

The mass tourism, the fast fashion and endless cheap travel may never return? If it does many have been damaged regarding lockdown life, the loss of loved ones and businesses. Italy has suffered the most as a rich European travel destination. The artisans, small businesses are been swallowed up by huge rich companies. Like Amazon, ZARA and big hotel chains.

Sharing economies, big data, social media and artificial intelligence are making a massive difference to Italian companies. Experiencing this first hand. Most artisans large or small are not ready for the change of selling and marketing online.

Zoom meetings selling bed linen from Italy is a very scary thought. I know this as I speak to many businesses here in Italy. Who really are afraid of new selling technology.

bed linen

Bed linen made in Burano with a family of four generations. That is the power of made in Italy.

All made in Italy products are sustainable and eco friendly. They last years if not generations. Did you know silk is made in Como?

Flashback 1420

Under the guidance of Filippo Brunelleschi, what was one of the greatest technological challenges of the time? The construction of the dome of Florence’s cathedral. Many before him had failed but it was not his talent that leads to success but his NEW VISION.

He had to convince that era to create a new model straddling thought, project, production and ultimately, the productive DNA of an entire nation.

New Vision For Venice

It was told to us all that Venice would no longer have cruise ships coming in for the simple reason of the preservation of this city on water. Yet last week the first ship sailed in after 17months. The Italian government, engineers had a locked time of life, hours months to come up with a new vision for Venice. Regarding tourism, and access to this tiny fragile sinking city. According to engineers they needed six months to build a new port outside of Venice for the cruise ships to park. Yet, nothing was done. No new vision formed, no leadership in place for Venice.

Our leaders in Italy are lazy, money-hungry for themselves and not for the Italian economy. I see government workers not working, poor apathetic attitude and disrespect to people like me that are self-made.

Italians History On Success

Through the ages, this imprinting has characterized successful Italian companies. Outlining a unique pathway through Italy’s history, geography, culture, art and literature, revealing the profound roots of a philosophy that knows how to produce beauty.

Italy has so much man-made beauty from art, architecture to bibles to fashion and cars.

Venice Palazzo Ducali Gondola

This is the view from the  Doge’s Palace is a palace built in Venetian Gothic style, and one of the main landmarks of the city of Venice in northern Italy. The palace was the residence of the Doge of Venice, the supreme authority of the former Republic. It was built in 1340. How can we use this landmark for future money-making collaborations? They cost millions to maintain.

La Biennale uses existing palazzos for archetecture marketing.

La Biennale carbon and glass interior designs

This is why to date for most parts Italy transformed itself into productive districts. The model of the Renaissance workshop has become the dynamic fabric of Italian society, a place of production as well as an aesthetic creation.

The key to a new vision and moving forward lies in the Italians past. But the Italians of today young and old seem to have lost the love for life, its history and its passion to succeed. Many Italians left after the war including my family and headed abroad to build a new nation.

For me, maybe the less ambitious ones are why Italy is fallen apart in work ethic, culturally adapting and palazzos falling into disarray due to lack of money for the upkeep.

This includes Venice. Venice, makes a lot of money from tourism where is the money going? Into what pockets has it ended up?

The mafia is worth 50billion a year here in Italy. Corruption of laundering money is rotten to the core in Italy. It has been since its creation.

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The Future

Let’s talk about now and how what does Italy do now. Venice, Florence, and Rome what is the turning point? Are we cultivating a new awareness? Here in Venice, the local businesses do not want the return of cruise ships and mass tourism. City living is harsh on this open-air museum. What does it mean to be Italian today? How can Italy embrace the digital world? What are the cultural roots that can help a company, or a brand forge their own identity and stand out by creating their own unique story, recognizing and valorizing Italian culture?

Murano Glass art butterfly venice italy (1)

Murano art made in Venice. Would you rather buy fake Murano glass from China or Venice where its very heart and creator is?

So many locals have left Venice and big companies during this pandemic have bought Italian owned historical businesses like the Florian cafe here in Venice.

Venice - Florian Coffee House (6)

As the composer Gustav Mahler said, tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.

Murano Glass light and art

Preserving Italian Culture

In speaking to Italians around the country this pandemic has highlighted how they have not preserved the art of manufacturing, artisans work and everything made in Italy. That is where the power is.

Sex And The City Venice Turning Fifty

Alta Moda of fashion is always made in Italy. Buying artisans work here in Italy including the fabric is a renaissance of why China replicated it. China understands the power of the fake made in Italy branding. It’s why their manufacturing is based in Italy. Abd no Italians are allowed within the workspace.

Italian government do this for money-making and corruption. They do not care about the preservation of the Made In Italy brand no longer.

Everyone can buy a leather handbag made in China. But buying a leather handbag made in Tuscany is what people prefer. You can read about the small artisans I worked with within the last year. To buy into their uniqueness of product brings me joy.

Fast fashion repulses me. There is no creativity or love in it at all. It’s just ruined our planet, our passion for fashion.

fragrances made in Italy

Talent For Innovation

The biggest challenge for us all and I included is finding unique ways to get brands noticed in a saturated market. I am a pioneer of new things and I do get copied often. It is a question of courage to swim against the current. Me supporting small Italian brands is frustrating for us all. It is going against the current of fast business. Has the pandemic slowed us down? Here in Venice, I do not see any changes coming from our leaders. They are allowing the big cruise ships to return all in the name of saving the locals businesses. It’s an act of massive courage and challenge to stop massive tourism from saturating Venice, Rome and Florence.

Venice 2021

Made In Italy

Made in Italy has been diluted. Italian government allowed Chinese governments to set up shop here. Produce the work in Italy and then send it back to China. It’s not even close to the artisans I have worked with regarding unique pieces. So the special fusion of art, science and design that was and is the heart and power of being Italian has been compromised. I love talking to artisans here in Italy. the first words that they say to me is this.

It’s 100% made in Italy that we learnt from our grandparents. This is all made here, not China.

Micheledefina venezia Orange One hadle handbag Made in Italy (1)

Manufacturing in Italy is strong and to save and preserve this unique Italian way of doing things. Is the new preservation of a Renaissance way of life. Workshops are all over the city of Venice. Hearing and watching Murano items being made. Or seeing glass mosaic items being commissioned is music to my heart and soul.

I am doing everything I know in my digital power to get these artisans noticed online.

Michele Da Fina Venice luxury leather one handle bag orange (3)

Luxury handbag coming out of the same factories as the luxury brands made in Italy. A small artisan I am working with called Micheledefina.

Michele Da Fina Venice luxury leather one handle bag orange (3)