This week is the third time the men are showcasing all there is when it comes to MEN STYLE AND FASHION. What I adore about the whole process is the how many men are collectively united in London. What are the differences between the two biggest fashion events within the UK  let alone the world?  Rightly so that the British Fashion Council have separated the two. To show the world, and this is  solely my professional opinion.

London, is leading the way when it comes to Men, Style and Fashion.

Gracie Opulanza

London Collections: Men

The clear difference is I find the men are very approachable. Somewhat very shy. Yes even the well known super models and rock stars.  I guess they are not expecting a women coming up to them. Sometimes, obviously excited. Simply asking can I interview you? Or is it, that for far too long we have neglected their point of view when it come to men’S fashion?  LCM was my very first encounter of such an event.  Let alone an obscene amount of gorgeous looking men. I had no idea what to expect. But not even a few hours in. The idea of interviewing them dawned on me. What do men think about fashion? Why are they dressing as they do? What is their message to women?

London Fashion Week

It’s so established. The women are far too busy. The designers have no time.  The press is insane. So the chances of interviewing within the establishment  is not worth the stress. But what I loved about LFW is the men hanging about and the great images and interviews I got. You know how powerful it  was that every women walking in was photographed by everybody. Sadly not too many were interested in the men, except me. But it makes perfect sense I do this, being a full-time writer for www.

What Will Gracie Wear

It’s going to knock your socks off. I am all for the up and coming designers. Just think suits but not the way you are used to. Corsets and a whole lot of trend setting coming your way. Gracie is not about being in Vogue.

BLING DRESSES FOR 2013 The sweet spot for twitter posting is 7 per day. This is based on a quantitative study. I like to deal with facts. You can tweet more often, but the marginal return may not be worth the effort. Interesting, useful and relevancy is the key