Oxfam shop westbourne grove

Whilst browsing  around Westbourne Grove in Notting hill. I spotted Oxfam so I ventured in and looked around and could not believe what I saw. Was I in Oxfam? What is Oxfam? Why you should buy from Oxfam?

Oxfam – What Is It

Oxfam GB is a globally renowned aid and development charity with 70 years of experience, working and campaigning with partners in 98 countries worldwide.  Oxfam works directly with communities and seeks to influence the powerful to ensure that poor people can improve their lives and livelihoods and have a say in decisions that affect them.

Why Should You Buy At Oxfam

Last year, their emergency and development work reached a staggering 14.5 million people in 57 countries! Thanks to our amazing supporters. You can find amazing vintage and gems at a affordable price. My gems range from YSL vintage bag £50 and Dior leather jacket for £40. Be inspired by their work this organisation blesses us all in that one what one defines as unwanted goods is another man’s treasure.

Oxfam Jess the Manager

Jess manages Oxfam on Westbourne Grove. Her immense commitment to this organisation was clearly displayed by her volunteering to work at Oxfam for over two years. Only until recently Jess got posted here in Notting Hill and her enthusiasm to the store is clearly shown by how it looks, smells and her friendly nature.

Infact through out the course of my fashion journey I can clearly say if the name Oxfam was taken down I thought I was in a boutique. Everything is clearly displayed to fashion perfection, the products are great. The top labels are under lock and key and the store does not smell like a charity place at all. Those Jimmy Choo shoes were staring at me and I was so excited.

The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. So if you are looking for a hidden vintage gem or need a thing or two head down to Oxfam you won’t be disappointed and supporting an amazing organisation.

oxfam-uk, charity shop


oxfam-uk, charity shop

Yes Oxfam at the fraction of the price

oxfam-uk, charity shop


oxfam-uk, charity shop

Yes this is Oxfam you’re looking at.

oxfam-uk, charity shop

The quality of the stock is of very high standard

oxfam-uk, charity shop

It’s all in how you presents things.