Lost luggage is the new norm at Heathrow airport. Or even worse travel cancellations with Wizzair. So why travel with hand luggage? How do you pack for all kinds of weather and style demands? Travel airlines no langer allow free-on-board luggage let alone place it under your seat.

You want to buy a super lightweight suitcase like the one below. Carl Friedrick is so stylish and robust.

Gracie Opulanza Carl Friedrick

Travel Summer Destinations

Italy, Spain and Portugal are hot. No need to pack for winter at all. Since May I have been in Tuscany and it’s been so hot. Essential swimwear that can be turned into a top for evening cocktails.

One can’t go wrong with a linen dress or trousers. Again opting for that swimwear off-the-shoulder look.

Go silk all the way. Opt for two dressed both one long and short. so lightweight and easy to travel with. No ironing is required.

linen dress tik tok

The 10kg Limit

Opt for clogs as they can go with many outfits. Choose foldable pumps with bling perfect for evenings out on the seas side. Go for the colourful cotton shirt, it can be used as a beach cover-up. During eating time it can be used as a dress shirt.

Wear the jewellery with versatility. In summer one can’t go wrong with costume gold. If it gets lost so be it.

Opt for a cloth lightweight tote bag. Foldable in that suitcase and can be used for personable belongings. Remember you can pay a lot with phone apps.

Trainer Chic - Stylish Travel Footwear venice 2020 summer

Don’t forget your Stetson hat for this summer too.


Keeps the heat out.

That Belt

My lioness belt is heavy but goes with many outfits, like my Pucci outfit for Venice. it also teams well with shirt skirts and that silk maxi dress.

Don’t forget white trainers that allow for long walks when touring Florence galleries. A onesie is a fab too. Very easy to fold in a suitcase like this Pucci one.

Gracie Opulanza Pucci print playsuit venice 2021 vintage (1)

If you are having a bad beach hair day opt for a turban.

Riva boat Hotel Excelsior Lido

If you are heading to Italy, you can’t afford to look stylish. Don’t forget your oversize Gucci eyewear. Opt for a quirky pair to celebrate life.

Gucci eyewear Venice Gracie Opulanza

Silk Or Linen Blazer

One can’t go wrong with a linen or silk blazer. They are perfect for throwing in a suitcase. Wearing them as an added accessory.


Metiseko Hoi An Vietnam Fusion Maia Silk (32)

You can also go for a silk playsuit too. I wore this to a wedding too with different accessories.

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