Ultimately, joy is what jewellery is all about. It’s always been a form of self-expression, of being playful, of feeling empowered. It’s lovely when you wear an accessory that is not just an object but has a specific meaning. This pandemic is stressing marriages and people’s travel lifestyles.
Venice has so many hidden boutiques amongst the canals where I found niche items.
Grand Canal Rialto Bridge Venice

Unicorn Murano Glass Necklaces

Whilst walking the streets of Venice I came across these Unicorn Murano glass necklaces! They instantly gave me joy. With all this trauma in the last 18mths thanks to Covid 19. What I want to wear is all about,

“I am going to have a daily item that I wear on my body.”

murano necklace for mental health

The benefits of wearable plants are also brilliant for feeling sad or not motivated in life. Colour is so strong regarding mental health. I find jewellery is easy to travel with. It suits my nomadic lifestyle.

But also it’s the feeling of,

“This is my personal badge to say I made it through lockdown and I’m coming back as me.

Uterque knitwear dress

How To Style Unicorn Jewellery

These two necklaces are full of vibrant colour and are easy to team with many colours. They are contemporary art pieces that are timeless. Niche items that I saw before throughout Venice. That is why I loved them. In fact, I have never seen them at all anywhere. This is why they are so powerful as they can’t be found online.


Artisans With Love

It’s easy to find mainstream unicorn items around the globe. But on this occasion, I knew the designer. Hence the conversations of passion describing how it was made were why I also love to wear them. There is an 80’s vibe to this collection. Timeless love and when not in use. Look remarkable and pretty on display.

That is the beauty of Murano glass jewellery. It can be used and it also can be placed in a cabinet.

Colours of the 1900s are always about a feel-good factor. I was inspired by flowers and nature for my mental well-being. Hence why when I saw these Murano necklaces I was connected to the healing aspects it gave my soul.

If you have large hands unicorn colours are a wonderful way to embrace large fingers.

Lucent cocktail ring yellow Swarovski

Crystals And Autumn

Earthy colours are fabulous tones to wear to make anyone feel connected to nature. Autumn leaves is a season to be inspired to wear accessories that touch the inner soul during depression and anxiety. Keeping in context of unicorn accessories with glamour.

Dolce & Gabbana Venice - How To Create Your Upcycling Look

Investing In Your Jewellery

It’s important to understand that jewellery if bought wisely can soothe the soul. And be wonderful gifts to hand down as stylish and elegant memorabilia. Where it can be worn again.

What you leave behind is built together as “the alternative Crown Jewels” Pieces that are highly valued for their beauty, their unique and avant-garde designs, and their extraordinary stones.

Our jewellery choices are a display of history’s most era-defining love affairs.