Polka Dot Dresses, is a print that everyone is embracing all over the globe. Polka dot dresses are always in style. It’s how you balance them with the right accessories such as jewellery, scarves, shoes, hats and purses. That gives you that retro and vintage vibe. Polka dot prints during a pandemic is an excellent way to cope with mental health issues. The happy dressing is why these effortless polka dot examples are a must for autumn.

Polka Dot Dresses – Choose your Style

The black and white polka dots dress, looks great with black or white pieces of jewellery. Add a colourful scarf or purse such as red, green, blue or yellow.

Choose what colour polka dot that suits you. Add a plain belt to add a nice balance to the outfit. The belt colour normally is the same as the polka dot.

Your shoes should not be too detailed or complicated. Keep it simple and use a solid colour.

A cute touch to add to your dress is a  large fake or real flower. Pin it in your hair or on your waist. If it’s all too much just grab a polka dot bag instead

Be inspired by the images below, high street shops like River Island, House of Fraser, Paul Smith and the jeans at Paige at Farfetch.com  are brilliant. Louis Vuitton window displays were very quirky, way back in 2021 displaying polka dots.

Polka Dot Patterns Are The New Louis Vuitton


When we think retro vintage clothes fromVestiaire comes to mind.

Louis Vuitton, of the past, always embraced a more adventurous look. This dress is very Sophia Loren.


polka dot dress pied a terre


Not found easy or worn much. But denim polka dot trends are ever so very 1960’s attire. It’s a step up from everyday street wear.

paige polka dot jeans at farfetch

Paige polka dot jeans at Farfetch

Farfetch always has some glamour outfits when it comes to polka dot style. Mixing denim with flowing prints gives a very rock chic finish.

Polka Dot Dresses - Embrace Any Style This 2012

If you are very body confident, I love this ensemble. You could even team it with red hiking boots.

For a grunge look, it’s the perfect combination.

polka dott 2012 dress summer japan

Retro look with polka dot but on this occasion a very timeless outfit. Very popular in Japan this look.

Marc Jacobs polka dott dresses 2012

Polka Dot Homeware

As we are working from home during this pandemic. homeware attire is ever so popular. So create some polka dot feng shui. Or create tiles with polks dot print.

polka dott dresses 2012 black and white

Katie Perry throughout the years always had a retro rock chick polka dot persona. Mix and matching polka dot prints are easy to do.

Polka dot dresses - Katy Perry May 2012

With high heels or even ankle boots. It’s always a winner.

Leggings For Autumn

You can mix and match polka dot dresses with opaque leggings to take you into autumn.

polka dotted dresses - summer 2012 unique style

Redcarpet Polka Dot

Redcarpet dresses look fabulous if you dare like Natalie Portman,  way back in 2012. This dress looks still bang on trend for 2021. That is the beauty and strength of polka dresses they are timeless and can be worn any time of the year.

natalie portman 2012 polka dotted dress