Retro is taking over the world. Everywhere you look there are retro-clothing pieces, retro stores and vaguely retro-inspired things. The trend seems to be focusing on the ’50s style dresses and vintage-styled swimsuits. Women are embracing flattering cuts, super cute patterns and the feminine style. Polka dots, florals, bows, chiffon and lace are a few of the things you will see when browsing retro-clothing sites. There is definitely not a shortage of retro and vintage dress styles because no one looks ugly in retro dresses. No one. If you want to get inspired, look below for great outfit ideas.

Polka Dot Retro

This polka-dot sheath dress is sexy and cute at the same time. This shape and cut easily flatter women of all sizes. Cute bow pumps and rose earrings are all you need for a glamorous look. This outfit is perfect for parties. The low-cut neckline may make it too daring for family events and work events, but a cropped cardigan could be worn on top to fix that problem.
Polka Dot Retro

Floral Retro Dress

The dress featured above is a full skirt with a class Audrey Hepburn flair to it. Large roses make the outfit sweet, but the black background gives it an interesting edge. Pair this with velvet dark green heels, a shimmery clutch and classic Love, Chloe perfume for a completed look. Floral dresses in this cut are all the rage right now. They range in prices from very affordable to quite costly. You are sure to find the perfect outfit for you with a little tweaking! Remember to keep accessories simple.

Retro Swimwear

My personal favourite is the retro beachwear available. Many are one-piece suits with large bows, accented bust lines and cinching at the waist. Two-piece swimsuits in the retro style are also taking over. These suits offer something modest while still being incredibly sexy. A large floppy hat and sunglasses are all you need to complete the look. Chanel glasses in a vintage style make this perfect for beaches or pools. If you are worried about the trend dying out soon, don’t! Retro swimsuits or swimwear are sure to be a hot topic next summer too.
Polka Dot Retro swimwear Polka Dot Retro swimwear
Not everyone loves dresses, and this retro-vintage outfit is the perfect break from fluffy dresses. A chiffon top with embellishments and bows paired with leggings makes an adorable outfit for all occasions. The top featured above is actually a dress, but it would work quite well with dark leggings. Pair with bow flats, a simple saddlebag and vintage Chanel for a perfect look. This outfit works for dates, school, shopping and so much more.
Accessorizing retro outfits is easy, but styles should be kept simple. Pearls are classic and pair with anything and everything. Small dangles and costume jewellery from the ’50s will also spice up any outfit retro or not! If you haven’t been sucked in by the retro takeover yet, then what are you waiting for?
Anything green, olive green for this pandemic year is a hit.