Over the past few years, consumers are looking for a deeper relationship with where their clothes come from. It led to 68% of the US consumers polled stating their desire for ‘traceable fashion. Luxury jewellery can always be traced to its origin for example where it is sourced. I don’t really know why fashion and jewellery have been kept so separate, ‘People think jewellery has to be on a stand, but that’s very cold, very distant, and you can’t project yourself into what it would look like on you. For years I love to see the way high jewellery looks when it’s sitting on different skin and paired with different outfits. I never let it sit in storage waiting for a special occasion. Life is a special occasion at fifty.
Gracie Opulanza Benheart Italy mustard leather jacket

Wear It In A Casual Way

You’re going to wear a hugely valuable piece and you’re not in the world of politics or royalty, it looks much better and sexier worn in a more casual way. ‘It’s really old-fashioned to have the hair, the make-up, the gown and the jewels one element has to be more relaxed. The jewellery should look a bit effortless. When driving a Bentley Continental Speed my accessories have to match the bespoke interior of this luxury convertible.

YvesSantLaurent Brooch Venice 1980 Gracie Opulanza Vintage

I have a 22-gold plated brooch from Yves Saint Laurent that I love, and I wear it pinned onto an army jacket. I also from the 1980s a YVL chunky belt and it looks divine on the waist.

Bentley Bentayga SUV V8 Gracie Opulanza 2019

When I combine my luxury jewellery with my clothes, it has to feel like I am painting. If you were painting a portrait, what would you add to make it something magical? Jewellery has that power. I am at a charity ball wearing 250,000 diamonds. Amongst celebrities like Samuel L Jackson. My peacock eyelashes were part of the overall look.

Gracie-Opulanza-Onefortheboys-Gala-Ball-LCm-wearing-Misahara-jewlery-pure-diamonds-11 (1) Gracie-Opulanza-Onefortheboys-Gala-Ball-LCm-wearing-Misahara-jewlery-pure-diamonds-11 (1)

How To Afford A Luxury Diamond Necklace

Luxury designer jewellery, by contrast, doesn’t retain as much value and can be harder to sell, When it comes to high-end pieces, turning to an auction house is a better bet. But Handbags instead can make you more money. Swap your Gucci bag for a diamond.

Chanel combines brand loyalty with limited amounts of inventory. That has created a good opportunity for resellers.

“It’s an investment that you can enjoy now, and then you can also get your money back later on if it’s kept in the same condition,”.

The Chanel handbags that retain the most value are hands down, the classic flaps. Sticking to the core colors and textiles will stand the test of time.

“Right now is a good time to sell and also purchase these items because the prices are only going to increase.

“Handbags are the better investment. It’s all about ensuring you’re being selective and discerning with what you choose to buy in this climate right now.

I sell on Vestiaire Collective which I find gets me what I want for a great price.