In the last decade, I have interviewed some of the finest tailors in the world. Edward Sexton from Savile Row is one of them. Edward mentored Stella McCartney and made suits for the Beatles and Rolling Stones over the years. McCartney and his family ordered suits from Sexton over the years. Whist Stella was in her final year at Saint Martins in London. Sexton helped her with her first collection which was modelled at the time by Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

Listened to the differences regarding a suit for women versus a case for men.

Why should women invest in a suit that will set them back at least 6000pounds?

Wearing A Man’s Suit Won’t Cut It

In 2014, I wore a man’s suit from the English brand Pretty Green. Formally owned by Oasis singer. Liam Gallagher. In fact, the shirt is also a man’s shirt. I teamed it with fresh water pearls and had my hair curled to give me a more Coco Channel vibe.

Pretty Green Suit

But as you can see off shelve suits have no comparison when it comes to a tailored suit made for a woman.

Pretty Green man's suit gracie OpPretty Green man's suit gracie Op

Bespoke Tailoring Fits The Figure

You get what you pay for. As we can see below famous Australian actress Margot Robbie is commanding a bespoke suit for 9 – 5 working days.

As business demand returns for women to head back to the office after a whopping two years. What purposeful impression to walk after all these years than commanding attention in a tailored suit attire?


How To Accessories Your Suit

It’s finding that balance for wearing what we all deem a man’s suit. So adding pearl earrings or a long pearl necklace will give a balanced female touch.

Keshi Pearls

Keshi Pearls

This winter’s all back to traditional classic suits. With war luring at us here in Europe. A woman will opt for safe and traditional fashion. Tailoring always has stood the test of time during inflation, depression and war. In ZARA at the moment I am seeing wool coats sourced from Italy. I am seeing colourful suits for women to play with. ZARA is a great place to play dress-ups and experiment when working out your suit styles.

How To Choose Your Suit Colour

When you head into any tailoring there will be many wool options for a lady to choose from. it really comes down to tweed, wool tartan and or plain fabrics. It’s been a hard two years and we are only going to see energy [prices rise, gas explodes and possibly a war breaking out. A well-tailored suit is a brilliant investment for durability. Many people will not be able to afford food on the table.

But they will be opting for high-quality wool suits. Depression lures a bespoke suit and all the stresses of providing for one’s family. It is important that a woman understands her personal wealth.


Three Piece Suits

Order a three-piece suit as it is ultra feminine. Suiting for ladies requires a lot of time. So make the time as it is all about pampering oneself. Reflect on what the suit has to be for you. how you want it to make you feel. Think about wide or slim leg or single or double-breasted jackets. Four fittings are an average experience to get the suit fitting perfectly. it is all about made to measure experience. This is all about a shared adventure.

It is all in the foreplay of having a niche product that touches the inner soul of a woman and her passion.

Understand the tension of the fabric as it is not about drape and hanging. Tailored tolerance is all about cutting that allows super ease and movement.

I am an animated personality and this suit has to work with my movements, not the other way around.

Pretty Green man's suit gracie Opulan

Coco Chanel vintage fashion

The master of feminine suits will always be Coco Channel.

Repair And Update With Flair

If you have a suit that is worth being altered to your body then go for it. I have a brand new Savile Row three-piece suit never worn I found in a charity shop. It is truly stunning. The problem with it is the wool colour does not suit me at all.

Bespoke suits are all about timelessness and classlessness. It is a garment made with love created by experts?

But are men’s suits really too male looking for women of today? Is that why ladies are not opting for the bespoke suit?