An article about designing a room with materials that are warm and cozy, such as wool and wool fabrics. Contains a list of common examples given by interior designers.

Home decor has taken over from buying clothing on Amazon and Vestiaire. Wool fabric and the obsession for upholstery are very popular. Traditional tweed will always be popular for country living. How can you incorporate tweed into your home decor?

Elegant Tweeds - Tips for Decorating your Home with Warm Materials

Tweed For Cold Villas

I live in Tuscany and it’s very cold in winter. The villas are so badly insulated and very cold. So anything tweed was essential to keep me warm. Tweed is a classical fabric that is timeless. Very versatile and playful when it comes to home decor.


When sleeping your headboard can be a wonderful way to get more sleep. Bedrooms are so important for a place of rest. Depending on the dimensions of your room. Opting for tweed subtle color variation is a great way to redecorate your home. opt for a matte tweed to create a traditional English tweed headboard.

Elegant Tweeds - Tips for Decorating your Home with Warm Materials


tweed pillows are a way to update your sofa too. Be mindful of your purchases. I often go to charity shops to scout for new fabrics including tartan. Don’t be afraid to opt for plain weave and mix and match it with bright colours such as orange.

Fully Body Drape

Richly colored traditional tweed plain weave with some subtle color variation is a wonderful way to bring warmth into any home. Experiment with discount fabrics first. Sit in your room and soak up how it makes you feel. Opt for end uses of textiles there are plenty out there.

Elegant Tweeds - Tips for Decorating your Home with Warm Materials


Being transparent with other people when you are creating a new atmosphere in your home. it is a wonderful way to check out new ideas. Keep upcycling in mind using preloved fabrics will also bring a sustainable message within your home.

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Wool tweed fabrics are wonderful as a table cloth, pillows, blankets for your bed. Don’t be afraid to experiment.