Whether it is your underwear or your delicate and fancy lingerie, these personal things can be an extravagant investment, most especially if they are made to make you feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.

No matter how expensive your undergarments are, there is still an actual lifespan. And with extra care and handling, you can prolong it significantly. It is only natural for undergarment owners like you, wanting lingeries to last.

Here are some tips on how to properly care for delicate undergarments:

1. Follow the Garment Label

Always check the garment or care labels of your undergarments. Check if it can be machined to wash. Almost all care labels of undergarments recommend you to hand wash and iron it in a cool setting. When in doubt, you can always ask a laundry expert.

2. Stockings and Tights

Stocking and tights are challenging to handle. Therefore, if you lack the technical know-how, you can always ask a dry cleaning expert and their services. Just do not do dumb things like ironing it when it’s wrinkled. Instead, bask it in the sun for an hour, and they will be just fine.

How to Properly Care for Delicate Undergarments

3. Handwash Undergarments As Much As Possible

Undergarments are usually thin and sometimes cannot withstand the rotational and frictional force of a washing machine. And sad to say, inventors have not yet designed the washing machine for undergarments. So try to handwash all of them. But be gentle on twisting, wringing, and scrubbing. Also, always use cool water with minimal detergent.

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight in Drying

As much as possible, avoid drying your lingerie under direct sunlight. They may decolor and lose their exact elasticity permanently if this is how you dry them. Undergarments are very sensitive, and the constant heat from the sun can ruin their delicate and thin meshing.

When drying out your undergarments, always lay them on flat surfaces, or you can hang them up by the center. Do not avoid hanging them by straps to maintain the shape of the cup of bras. Reshape the cups before hanging them to dry.

5. No Choice? Use Washing Machine 

If you have to use the washing machine to launder your undergarments, be reminded that the silky and lacy material of the fabric may get damaged. This is a common thing due to the rotational and frictional force in a washing machine cycle. If possible, ensure that your delicates must be placed in a laundry bag during every wash.

There may not be a specific washing machine model for laundering undergarments, but you can always rely on the ‘delicate’ function. This can avoid permanent damage to your undergarments because the force is not that harsh.

Final Thoughts 

Properly caring for your undergarments can be quite a task, but if you have the time to learn how to practice the tips above, your lingeries will be just fine and will last as they should be.